Great Apps for Teachers

By Huntington Learning Center

Teaching in the digital age certainly has its advantages. You can teach digitally native students in a format with which they’re very comfortable, connect with students outside of the classroom, keep your class organized, and much more.

There are many apps out there for everything from math to science, class communication to language arts. Here are a few to check out:

ClassDojoClassDojo is a communication app for teachers, parents, and students. It has tools for giving directions, playing class music that fits any activity (focus or free time), generating student groups, monitoring class noise, encouraging collaboration, and more.

Blackboard – Blackboard’s app, Bb Student, lets students view their prioritized events and actions, visualize their course timeline and important information, access their grades in real-time, engage in real-time video conferencing or chats, and much more.

Seesaw – Seesaw makes it easy for you to have a handle on what your students are learning and how they are progressing toward school goals while engaging parents in their learning. Students can save portfolios of their work that you share with parents. You can keep those portfolios over a student’s entire career to track their progress and keep a record of their learning.

Kahoot! – Kahoot! lets you create and share learning games with your students. You can make your own or search its database for other Kahoots to play or alter, and assign Kahoots as part of homework.

Remind – Remind is a simple way to communicate with your students and parents. You can send home updates for parents and encourage students to reach out to you via the two-way messaging feature.

Looking for other great apps? Reach out to your school district’s technology department for recommended apps with which they might be familiar.

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