Five Signs That Your Student Might Have a Serious Learning Issue

By Huntington Learning Center

Whether you’re a new or veteran teacher, your job is a big one: to help each and every student in your classroom achieve their potential. Sometimes, challenges get in the way—like learning issues. You might already be familiar with some of the most common, but here are five signs that your student might have a learning issue:

  1. Inattention or poor attention span – Many students struggle to focus and complete work, but this becomes a big problem as school becomes more difficult and involved. If you have a student who is often distracted or looking out the window or who has a hard time listening, it could be a sign of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  2. Poor comprehension – Reading comprehension difficulties can ail students for years, and often start small. If you notice a student taking significantly longer than their peers to read a page or complete a worksheet, it might be that they’re having a hard time understanding what they read.
  3. Poor recall and retention – Students’ ability to retain and remember what they read is essential for school success. Those who struggle with storing and retrieving information sometimes struggle to answer questions about material they read and forget information soon after you teach it. Sometimes students are able to remember recent topics but have a harder time recalling topics taught several weeks prior.
  4. Reading below grade level – General reading problems are definitely warning signs of learning disabilities like dyslexia (reversing words and letters and trouble processing language) and dysgraphia (poor handwriting and trouble spelling and writing with fluency). Watch for students who have trouble reading aloud, reading with speed and fluency and spelling.
  5. Weak organization and time management skills – It’s not uncommon for children to be disorganized. However, students who have a hard time planning ahead on homework and staying organized might lack executive functioning skills, which are essential for academic achievement.

Learning issues can cause a great deal of stress and school problems. If you suspect your student has learning difficulties, Huntington can help. We work with children of all ages and abilities and can help your student feel more successful in school.