Establishing a Great Learning Climate

By Huntington Learning Center

Every day, you strive to guide your students toward greater learning. How can you foster a climate that pushes students to grow and learn? Here are a few tips to create an effective classroom and learning climate:


  • Encourage questions. Students who are engaged are poised to learn, and asking questions is a big part of that. Invite meaningful, thoughtful questions. These help students solidify their understanding, think about what they learn as they learn it, and strive to continue their discovery journey in your class and beyond.
  • Adjust to your students. No two students learn exactly the same way, so meet your students wherever they are. Acknowledge that everyone has different strengths and needs, and let students know your goal is to support them as individuals.
  • Make your classroom a safe place. All students should feel welcome, comfortable, and empowered in your classroom. Demand respect from students for you and for one another.
  • Emphasize the process, not the end result. Teach students the value of learning and get them to “buy in” on its importance. Let them know that you expect effort and participation, which in turn is likely to lead to higher grades.
  • Embrace a positive attitude. Believe that your students are capable and tell them that you have confidence in their abilities. Set and communicate high expectations, and give students the support to meet them. Show your students you care and want to help them learn.


Teaching is a complex process. The classroom atmosphere you cultivate has a tremendous impact on your students and your ability to stimulate learning that lasts.