Education Technology in 2022: What You Need to Know

By Huntington Learning Center

The coronavirus pandemic brought about rapid changes in education, including the adoption of technologies to make virtual and remote learning possible and effective. Many of these advancements are here to say, but what is on the horizon as technology continues to evolve?  

Here are a few trends you might be seeing or experiencing firsthand in your own school:  

Artificial intelligence – The power of artificial intelligence in understanding how students learn and finding new ways to create and deliver content is undeniable. It can help teachers and students alike by improving the overall learning experience and using data to personalize curriculum for students based on their content knowledge and much more.  

Adaptive learning tools – You’re always trying to adapt your teaching to ensure your students receive the kind of instruction they need. Adaptive learning technology can help you do this more effectively, allowing you to differentiate for every student and learn immediate information about how they learn. 

Immersive learning technologies – Extended reality (which includes virtual reality) is already used in colleges such as nursing programs but looks to be a more popular way to engage students of all ages and give them hands-on experience with complex topics.  

Nano-learning technology – Nano-learning is bite-sized learning. This method has emerged as social media platforms have given rise to short videos intended to deliver content in very small bits. Nano-learning focuses on a single learning objective, and often is delivered via multimedia formats such as TikTok or other short videos. Expect this to continue with today’s digital learners.  

There’s no doubt that education has seen a digital overhaul more extensive than ever in the last two years—and the changes continue. Educators who find ways to use these technologies to improve the learning experience will serve their students well. 

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