Celebrating Read Across America in Your Classroom

By Huntington Learning Center

You want your students to read more, and this month, there’s a great opportunity to encourage that: National Reading Month and Read Across America!

March is National Reading Month, a great chance to encourage your students to make reading a part of their daily lives. In addition, the National Education Association (NEA) observes Read Across America, a year-round program with special events promoted on March 2nd, the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss.

Here are a few tips on how to promote reading in your classroom by celebrating Read Across America:

  1. Read a class book. NEA offers teaching resources for various books with ideas for creating lessons and activities that supplement learning. It also offers questions for discussion or reflective learning.
  2. Bring in guest readers. Those might include parents, local authors, or others in your community.
  3. Make time for book sharing. A little book show-and-tell can get students excited about what they and others are reading. Talking about a book is often part of the fun for students, after all.
  4. Host a book swap. Encourage students to bring in a book they enjoyed and would like to trade for something new.
  5. Extend reading each day. If you have the ability, add a little extra quiet reading time to your daily activities.
  6. Make it a year-round celebration. NEA has a full calendar of activities with books of the month for elementary, middle school, and teen readers.

For more information about Read Across America and ideas for how to promote and celebrate reading in your classroom, visit www.readacrossamerica.org.

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