Building Great Relationships with Your Students

By Huntington Learning Center

At the core of a successful teaching strategy is a good teacher-student relationship. When students feel connected to their teachers, they’re more invested and willing to put forth effort, which leads to better academic outcomes. Here are a few tips to help you build quality relationships with your students:

  1. Get to know them. Remember things about them. Show interest in who they are as people outside of your classroom. Pay attention to the little things.
  2. Let them get to know you. Share a little about yourself so the relationship doesn’t feel one-sided. Be genuine.
  3. Ask their opinions. Treat your students with respect and show them by listening intently that you are interested in what they think and have to say.
  4. Establish a trusting relationship. Put them in the driver’s seat whenever possible. Let them try new things and encourage them to take some risks. Set expectations and always follow through when you say you’ll do something.
  5. Express your passion. Your enthusiasm for what you teach and for helping students learn can be both inspiring and contagious.
  6. Have fun. Make your classroom a vibrant and enjoyable place to learn. Find ways to make lessons more engaging and interactive.
  7. Remind them often that you’re there for help. Above all, make certain that your students know you care. Offer office hours throughout the week and encourage students to come in (or email you) if they need help or want to talk.

The more you foster good relationships with your students, the more your students will feel comfortable in your classroom. This enhances your teaching, making for more effective instruction and deeper student learning.