Can Brain Training Exercises Help Your Students?

By Huntington Learning Center

Maybe you’ve heard of brain training and wondered what it is, and if it could benefit your students. Put simply, brain training is working out your brain. Certain mental exercises are very effective at developing cognitive skills. Students can boost their memories, sharpen their focus and concentration levels, increase processing speed, and more.

The great news: your students can build their cognitive strength with just a little effort each day. Here are a few simple things to encourage your students to do in class and at home:

Try the Pomodoro method. Have students set a timer to work uninterrupted for 25 minutes, then take a break for five. This is a great way to build the attention span. Start with even shorter periods if needed.

Develop time management. Believe it or not, building executive functioning skills like time management boosts the brain. Spend a few minutes every class going over your minute-by-minute agenda, and encourage your students to keep detailed schedules and planners.

Build the working memory. Develop your students’ memorization skills and attention span. Card games are a great way to hone these abilities, and students who develop their organizational skills also consistently strengthen their working memory.

Have students use tools to streamline daily routines. Checklists, homework charts, and planners are helpful aids for all students and build cognitive abilities like memory and brain speed.

The brain is like a muscle that can be strengthened. Help your students do so and you will give them much more than subject-matter knowledge. You’ll equip them with skills for life.