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Apps to Keep Students Organized

By Huntington Learning Center

Learning in the digital age has many advantages, and the plethora of apps out there to support students is a big one. Here are four popular apps that will help your students stay organized and on track with homework, deadlines, grades, and more: 

Evernote (for taking/organizing notes) – Evernote lets students collect their notes (typed and handwritten), articles, websites, and other research in one place. It’s great for managing projects, capturing ideas, and staying on top of deadlines and tasks. 

iStudiez Pro (for keeping track of homework, grades, and the schedule) – iStudiez Pro helps students manage their schedule, homework, and grades in one place. Tasks can be sorted by date, class, and priority. The planner helps students organize classes (and all details) and share their detailed schedule with Google Calendar or other calendar apps. 

RescueTime (for time management) – RescueTime is all about minimizing wasted time. It tracks how much time is spent on different websites, social media, email, or in other applications. Then, it provides detailed productivity reports. Students can block distracting websites and set up alerts for when they spend too much time on a website or other activity. 

Scanner Pro (for de-cluttering/minimizing paper) – ScannerPro works with Evernote. Students can quickly scan and save digital versions of any paper document. It uses optical character recognition so students can easily extract words from those scans. So, for the student who loses papers easily or wants to simplify and digitize their life, it’s a great tool. 

Obviously, these are just a few options—there are many other apps out there that your students might want to use instead. Encourage your students to research apps that will help them keep organized, which will lead to better grades and productivity.