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Homework Help for Highly Disorganized Students

Organization is something that many students find challenging. However, if you have some students who struggle with it so much that their homework is often unfinished, incorrect, sloppy, or all of the above, the problem needs correction—before it worsens.

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Recognizing Signs of ADHD in the Middle School Classroom

For teachers and parents, it’s not always easy to spot a child with ADHD. In the classroom, inattention can seem like a personality trait (e.g., the student is dreamy or always thinking).

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Teacher Time Management Tips for Grading

Grading is an important and necessary part of the job for a teacher, but it can easily pile up—and create extra stress. There are many time management strategies for teachers who need to find a way to grade and return student work in a timelier manner. Here are several grading tips for busy teachers.

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Best Practices for Creating a Classroom Management Plan

Your ability to establish and maintain a productive, structured classroom learning environment is critical for your student’s learning. How can you create a classroom management plan that allows you to do your job effectively? Here are several tips.

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Great Ways to Get to Know Your Students During the First Weeks of School

A new school year brings new students and plenty of excitement. For some students, it can also bring some discomfort while adapting to a new schedule, getting to know different teachers and worrying about any academic challenges from the prior school year.

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Tips to Get Parents Involved This School Year

Building a strong partnership between school and home is one of the best ways to support your student’s success. As for how to get parents involved in school activities and the classroom, here are a few practical suggestions.

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