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How to Help Students Improve Their Notetaking Skills

Maybe you’ve encouraged your students before to “take good notes,” but do they know what that means? Here are a few tips to help your students improve their notetaking skills:  

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Building Your Students’ Problem-Solving Skills

Like life, school is a journey filled with twists and turns. Problems arise, but students who learn to confront them early will be happier and more resilient as they approach college and the real world. Here is a framework to help you build your students’ problem-solving skills.

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Four Ways Students Can Use Technology to Show What They Know

There are many tools, apps and programs you can use to take your teaching to the next level, but don’t forget about those that allow students to share their work and knowledge with you and their classmates. Here are four types of tools—and examples of each—that go beyond the traditional to achieve 21st century learning.

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The Importance of Planning and Preparation in Teaching

o a little research into the best teachers out there and you’ll discover that they have several things in common: knowledge, charisma and care for students, to name a few. However, if there’s one element that makes for effective teaching, it is planning. Here are several reasons that lesson planning is essential.

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5 Tips for Motivating Students in the New Year

Ready to get your students into school mode after holiday break? Here are five tips to start things off on the right foot in 2019.

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