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Visiting Colleges and What to Look For

The college visit is an excellent way for your student to get a feel for some of their top schools of interest. Plan ahead by looking at the college or university website to learn about the options, how to schedule, and whether proof of vaccination or face coverings are required.

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Everything You Need to Know About Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

You’ve heard about Advanced Placement tests, better known as AP exams. Check out all the benefits of taking AP exams and how Huntington can help your student earn the highest possible score and college credit.

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Five Test-Taking Tips for the SAT and ACT

Spring and summer are prime SAT and ACT seasons. How can your student succeed on these important exams? By preparing, of course! here are several test-taking tips that will help your student achieve their best score.

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Tips to Prepare High School Students for College-Level Reading

As students mature, they learn how to study effectively and build those ever-important test-taking strategies for high school. By the time strong students begin thinking about how to study for the SAT or ACT, they’ve acquired many of the subject skills they need to perform well, but a good SAT or ACT score is not a guarantee of college success. As Eileen Huntington, CEO & Co-Founder of Huntington Learning Center explains, high-achieving high school students often struggle to adapt to the rigors of college right away—especially when it comes to reading. “College is a whole new ballgame in terms of expectations and workload, and one of the biggest differences is the way students are expected to read and study material,” he/she says. How can students prepare for college-level reading? Huntington offers these tips:

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How to Get Teens to Read

There are lots of reasons teens stop reading as much as they did at a younger age. How can you encourage your teen to read during middle and high school (and beyond)? Here are a few tips.

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The Comeback of SAT/ACT Requirements: Understanding the Trend

Many prestigious institutions, including Georgetown, MIT, and Dartmouth, have made headlines by reinstating these standardized test requirements. The decision comes on the heels of compelling research indicating that these scores provide valuable insights into a student's potential for success in higher education.

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