The Importance of Writing Skills for College Students

By Huntington Learning Center

You and your teen already know how important writing skills are in high school. It probably comes as no surprise that they are just as critical in college. In just about every subject, professors assign essays along with many other writing assignments. But beyond the fact that students are expected to do a lot of it in college, why else is the ability to write so important? Here are six reasons:

  1. Communication is vital in today’s world. It’s a digital world where communication skills matter—and writing is at the core of strong communication. No matter what students go on to major in at college (and what they intend to do after they graduate), they will be expected to express their work clearly, concisely and coherently in writing.
  2. Writing helps students refine ideas. In college, students are often asked to do research and formulate arguments and present that information in written format. This prepares them for the real world, where professionals in many industries must do this on a daily basis—when emailing colleagues and creating and sharing reports, for example.
  3. Good writing leaves a strong impression. Like it or not, these days, many people are judged by their writing because so many introductions in the real world are made via email or similar. Quality writing will make students stand out (and bad writing will also make them stand out, but not in a good way).
  4. Writing skills prove workplace readiness. The goal of college, of course, is to prepare students for their future careers—and communication is consistently ranked as one of the most valued traits by all types of employers. Having an aptitude for writing earns people credibility, no matter what field they’re in.
  5. Having writing ability shows professionalism. Great leaders are often great writers, capable of inspiring others and instigating change with their words and ideas. Even on a more practical basis, professionals must be able to write emails, reports, memos and letters that are clear and effective. Students who hone their writing abilities in college will be better equipped as professionals.
  6. Poor writing gets ignored. Rambling essays…confusing emails…wordy titles…disorganized papers: these will get ignored by a professor, just as poor writing in the workplace will get disregarded as unimportant and irrelevant. Whether a student plans to become a journalist, business professional, teacher or engineer, it’s essential to learn that writing well means getting heard and noticed.

It’s crucial that your teen has good writing skills and techniques before she sets foot on a college campus. If your teen needs support throughout high school, call Huntington. We’ll help your teen hone those imperative writing abilities and become a more confident writer before she heads off to college.