Why Consider Retaking the SAT/ACT

By Huntington Learning Center

The idea of taking the SAT and/or ACT not once, but twice (or more) might be horrifying to your student at first, but there are many reasons to consider it. Most students who retake the SAT or ACT perform better the second time around, and there are many reasons a higher score can be beneficial to your student as a college applicant. Here are several reasons to retake the SAT/ACT:   

  1. Higher test scores = more college choices. The last few years have been unique, to say the least. Many students have found the pandemic-imposed disruptions to negatively affect their GPA. Retaking the SAT/ACT is a good way to strengthen the overall application, especially if the GPA does not accurately reflect your child’s true effort level and academic ability. 
  2. Your student has a specific college in mind and their SAT/ACT score was below that school’s average. If your student wants to put their best foot forward on those college applications, they should research the typical profile of admitted freshmen at their colleges of choice and ensure they are stacking up. If the SAT/ACT score they received the first time isn’t where it needs to be, it’s worth retaking it to add to that pool of evidence that your student would be a great addition to a college or university. 
  3. Higher SAT/ACT scores can help with potential scholarships. Many scholarship programs require that applicants submit SAT or ACT scores (along with transcripts and other information). Some colleges and universities even offer automatic scholarships based on students’ GPA and SAT/ACT scores, even if the SAT/ACT are not required for admission consideration. Bottom line: a student with strong SAT/ACT scores could be a contender for a variety of merit-based scholarships. 
  4. Superscoring.  Superscoring gives students the opportunity to be evaluated for college admissions based on a higher composite test score.  Colleges and universities have different policies and recommendations for students regarding this, so check with the admissions department before submitting any scores. The SAT (College Board) utilizes Score Choice, which allows students to select which scores or set of scores they want to send, whereas the ACT superscore report provides schools with the best individual section score from each exam taken, combined into one. Both policies benefit your student by presenting the best possible score to prospective schools.  

Most students score higher on their second attempt of the SAT and ACT, so why not try? You’ll likely feel more comfortable and familiar with the test, less nervous, and more prepared. And even a small increase in score can make a big difference in your student’s profile as an admission candidate. A school that was a remote possibility might suddenly become more certain, and that reach school could become a reality.  

If your student needs help preparing for the SAT or ACT, call Huntington at 1-800 CAN LEARN. We’ll help your student develop a detailed study schedule based on their strengths and weaknesses so they can perform their very best, whether they are taking the SAT/ACT for the first or third time. Give your student the best chance of success by prepping with Huntington! Call 1-800 CAN LEARN today!