4 Trends Happening with Students in College

By Huntington Learning Center

The last two years have been full of change for everyone, including college students and students who are college bound. Between online learning and required facial coverings, it’s been hard for most to keep up with what is going on across the country at different college campuses.  

Here are four trends we’re seeing with college students today:  

Online Learning is Here to Stay in Some Format 

Online learning is nothing new, but during the peaks of the pandemic, many colleges shifted to 100% online instruction. As COVID cases decreased and restrictions eased in some parts of the country, most colleges have returned to in-person learning. But nothing is certain and it’s likely that many will continue to embrace some sort of mixed or hybrid approach, giving students more flexibility to earn their education.  

Cost of College is Top of Mind 

Finances are a common concern among today’s college and college-bound students—and with the rising cost of college, for good reason. Many students today are considering options that will allow them to reduce the cost of college and avoid racking up big debt to pay for their education. Today’s students want to make sure their return on investment is high and are considering options from starting at a community college to going to school closer to home (and with in-state tuition).  

Getting a Good Job is Important Too  

Today’s incoming college students are considered part of Generation Z, and they think differently than prior generations. The pandemic has caused many to rethink their goals and choices, and Gen Z has shown interest in college programs that focus on development of skills. Practical fields of study are also on the rise—from nursing to engineering to computer science.  

Technology in College Keeps Getting More Sophisticated 

Today’s college students are digital natives, and they expect technology to play a central role in their college experience. Most colleges today embrace learning management systems that keep students on track and make it easier for professors to do the same (and communicate with students easily). Many colleges are starting to incorporate all kinds of virtual tools and services for everything from tutoring to attending study sessions and classes.  

A Few College Admissions Trends 

When it comes to college admissions, we’re seeing several other college trends, including:  

The college landscape changes often—and the last couple of years have been especially turbulent. If you need help understanding how to navigate the college admission process, including preparing for the SAT and ACT, contact Huntington at 1-800 CAN LEARN! We’ll share the current state of college admissions and up-to-date changes we are seeing and will help you and your student prepare for the admission journey.