Six Reasons Your Teen Might Need Huntington this School Year

By Huntington Learning Center

For some students, learning doesn’t come easy. School and homework are daily frustrations and a major source of stress at home. And the further these students get in the school year, the worse the problems become.

Sound familiar? It might be time to get help for your student. Here are six reasons your teen might need Huntington this year:

  1. To pinpoint and correct problems – Taking a broad-brush approach to fixing school issues will not be effective long term. At Huntington, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all tutoring. All programs are customized to meet the unique needs of each student. Our teachers start by pinpointing teen’s precise areas of weakness so that we can develop programs that correct those areas.
  2. To close the skill gaps – Your teen brings home a bad test grade or poor report card, but what’s really going on? There are likely many contributors, but skill gaps are a common issue we see at Huntington. Skill gaps occur when teens are missing important knowledge that they need to progress in a subject. For example, geometry problems will prove difficult for a teen who still struggles with basic algebra and other skills reaching back to middle school. We identify these gaps through an Academic Evaluation, then build an individualized learning program.
  3. To facilitate an attitude change – When school isn’t going well, many students become pessimistic about learning altogether. Huntington’s primary goal is to help children make substantial gains in school, but our learning programs are about more than that. Our teachers will identify the root cause of your teen’s learning difficulties and tackle them one by one. The more we guide your teen toward success, the better she feels—and the faster she lets go of those negative emotions. With college on the horizon, bolstering this type of persistence and independence as a learner is very important.
  4. To give your teen a boost in motivation – All children have periods in school where they lose steam temporarily, but if your teen has seemed less and less engaged in school for a while, tutoring can make a big difference. For some, the lack of motivation stems from frustration and embarrassment. It’s easier to give up than continue to fail. For others, homework that is too difficult—because they lack the skills to complete it—seems pointless. No matter the source of the problem, Huntington can help. As your teen gears up for college-level academics, we’ll help your teen become more engaged and motivated to learn and push him or herself.
  5. To help your teen feel happy again – When school is challenging, it’s very easy for teens to experience a range of emotions. Some become highly self-critical and lose self-esteem, while others shut down completely. A tutoring program tailored to your teen’s needs can transform him for the better into a confident, enthusiastic student who is eager to learn and eager to go on to college.
  6. To set your teen on the path to lifelong success – You might think of tutoring as a short-term fix, but the benefits your teen will gain in the Huntington program will last a lifetime—into college and beyond. Your teen will emerge as a more optimistic student who perseveres when faced with any challenge and isn’t afraid to self-advocate. That alone is worth the investment.

If last school year was difficult for your teen or you simply want to help your teen get off to a great start this year as college nears, call Huntington at 1-800 CAN LEARN. We help students of all ages fulfill their potential in school and life and can do the same for your teen.