Five Interesting Careers That Use Math

By Huntington Learning Center

When it comes to your teen choosing a college major, it is always a great idea to start with his or her academic strengths and interests. 

Maybe you have a teen who enjoys math and seems well equipped for majors in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. That’s good news, but what if your teen cringes at the suggestion that he or she become an engineer, mathematician or math teacher? 

The best thing you can do is help your teen broaden the horizons and learn about other jobs that use math but aren’t as commonly discussed. After all, there are many careers where math is important, and your teen might not have considered them before—or even know about them. Here are five careers that use math to introduce to your teen to get those wheels turning: 

  1. Meteorologist – You’ve seen meteorologists on the nightly news for weather forecast reports, but there are also job options in research (working for government agencies, the National Weather Service or NASA, for example) and environmental arenas. Meteorologists often study topics like global warming, the atmosphere and ozone depletion. They use math every day to analyze and predict weather patterns and more. 
  1. Architect – A career in architecture blends math, problem-solving and creativity. Architects design buildings and spaces, using geometry and math to calculate different measurements. Math skills are also important when working with engineers to ensure buildings are properly constructed to bare loads and meet safety requirements. 
  1. Financial Planner – Maybe your teen loves those numbers and is excited by the concept of earning and saving money. If so, a career in something like banking or financial planning could be a lot of fun. Financial planning involves using math to help people determine how much money to save and allocate towards various financial buckets in their lives. The job involves creating models, using projections, analyzing numbers, budgeting and other similar duties. 
  1. Actuary – Actuaries use math and statistics to analyze risks and probabilities in a range of industries, from banking to healthcare, from insurance to the automobile industry. If your teen likes the idea of working with numbers, analyzing those numbers to identify trends and patterns, and developing models and databases, this career could be a great fit. 
  1. Cryptologist – In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is critical for many types of companies and organizations. Cryptographers and cryptanalysts create security systems that protect and encrypt sensitive information. These professionals are important for national security and safeguarding information in industries like finance and telecommunication. Math is essential in this career, as these professionals develop mathematical models as part of their jobs. 

The next time your math-loving teen says he or she does not want to become a math teacher or an engineer, point him or her toward one of the other options out there. There are many interesting and rewarding careers that use math. 

Here’s another scenario to consider: your teen is intrigued by a career that uses math but struggles with the subject. Don’t stand by and let your teen give up on a potentially great college and career path. Contact Huntington. We’ll work one on one with your teen to identify what skills he or she is missing and create a customized program of instruction. Then, we’ll help your teen improve those math skills and get ready for the math that awaits him or her in college and beyond.