What Huntington's Premier, 32-Hour, and 14-Hour SAT/ACT Prep Programs Look Like

By Huntington Learning Center

Whether your students need a little or a lot of help to raise their SAT or ACT score, Huntington offers college entrance exam prep programs for students striving to achieve their goals. For over 44 years, Huntington has provided students SAT/ACT prep that is individualized and thorough—and delivered by highly trained tutors. Huntington’s programs are customized to each student. So, if your student has big goals to reach the Ivy League or wants to raise their initial score (from prepping on their own), Huntington can help!

Three SAT/ACT Prep Programs

Huntington has three test prep programs available either in the center or online (at participating centers):

Premier program – This program is the most thorough that we offer. The duration and curriculum are tailored to the student based on their goals and needs. So, for some students, that might mean focusing on two subjects, while for others, it might mean studying for all sections of the SAT or ACT. This program offers online, video-based test prep that complements our in-center SAT and ACT tutoring and instruction. The program includes 2-4 practice SAT or ACT tests under actual test-like conditions.

32-hour program – The 32-hour program is designed for students with limited time to prepare. This program is focused across all subject areas and includes two SAT or ACT practice tests offered under actual test-like conditions. Once again, the program offers online, video-based test prep that complements our in-center tutoring and instruction.

14-hour program – If your student is striving to increase their score in one subject area, this is the Huntington prep program for them. It consists of 14 hours of SAT or ACT instruction focused on one subject, and includes one SAT or ACT practice test.  This program is only offered in center.

Focused on Test-Taking Essentials

Whatever program works best for your student, know that all Huntington programs have a few things in common:

  • Practice – Each of our test prep programs offers multiple practice tests throughout. This not only allows us to track your students’ progress toward their target score, but it also helps students get used to the timing of the test and practice implementing test-taking strategies.
  • A focus on time management – This is critical on both exams, and we instruct our students on how to become skilled at managing their time. We achieve this by getting them familiar with the exam, its structure and question types, and the length of each section.
  • Test-taking strategies and tricks – There are many things to watch out for and strategies that will serve your student well on the SAT/ACT. For example, we teach students how to narrow down multiple-choice answers by ruling out answer choices with absolute words (such as always and never).
  • Good test-taking basics – Some students need help getting into test-taking mode, while others need to work on stress management techniques. We teach subject-matter knowledge first and foremost, but Huntington programs are also designed to turn students into pro test-takers. Our tutors also show students the logic behind spaced-out study sessions and why they’re more effective than cram sessions.

If your teen would benefit from one of Huntington’s customized test prep programs, call us at 1-800 CAN LEARN. We’ll determine where they are, where they want to go and what they need to work on to get there. Our programs include interim conferences to discuss progress and confirm goals. In the end, your student will be more prepared for success and more confident in their abilities to achieve the highest test scores possible—and expand their college options!