Huntington SAT/ACT Study Plan Helps Improve Test Scores

By Huntington Learning Center

When preparing for any test, especially important ones like the SAT and/or ACT, students need to have a test prep study plan. The study plan outlines what, when, and how to prepare, based on each student’s specific goals. Once that is determined, students can set their test prep study plan in motion.  Why not let Huntington help set that SAT/ACT study plan for your student?  For nearly 50 years, we’ve helped thousands of students improve their test scores, many scoring higher than they thought possible. Higher scores also mean more college options.  

Summer is the perfect time for college-bound students to get started. Students can focus on test prep without the conflicts of a busy school schedule and extracurricular activities.   

Huntington’s test prep programs have a built-in study plan which will help your student improve their score.  Here are some tips for a successful SAT/ACT study plan:   

  • It starts with an initial exam. This is an essential starting point, so your student knows where to begin with their test prep. Our test performance analysis will identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for improvement. With that information in hand, we develop a personalized test prep program.  SAT and ACT score increase success comes with the one-on-one tutoring that Huntington provides.  
  • Scheduled study time. Your student needs enough time to effectively prepare for the SAT/ACT, and that starts with choosing an exam date and registering for it. Then your student can work backward from there and block off hours in their summer schedule for studying. At Huntington, we find that students who commit to a consistent SAT/ACT study plan are far more successful than those who study when they think of it. With summer, your student has more time to focus solely on SAT/ACT test prep, and 6-8 weeks of test preparation is great. The key to a good test prep study plan is consistency. We know that study schedules can change, so with Huntington’s test prep programs, your student can do sessions in the center, online or a hybrid approach which is a combination of both.  Your student can stay on track to reach their goal score. 
  • Develop a targeted plan. Haphazard studying is at best, somewhat effective, and at worst, time wasted. We build a customized test prep plan around the results of your student's initial exam so that we can focus on improving weaker subject areas and strengthening the skills they know. This isn’t always easy for students to do on their own, but Huntington keeps students on track.  Our programs are customized to each student so that their preparation is targeted and purposeful. The goal, after all, is to raise that SAT/ACT score from the initial practice test score (or actual score if the student has already taken the exam).  
  • Practice tests. The best test prep plan will include taking practice SAT or ACT tests.  Practice tests show students where they’ve made improvements during their SAT/ACT study plan and where they still need to focus their time. Practice tests not only monitor progress but allow students to implement test-taking and time-management skills they learn throughout our programs.  
  • Learn test strategies. The SAT/ACT are objective measures of students’ core knowledge and skills needed for college and career success, so subject-matter knowledge is important. However, there are test-taking tips and strategies that will help your student build their confidence and improve their score.  This includes strategies for tuning out distractions, pacing (estimating time per question), narrowing down answers quickly, remembering key information in questions, stress management and more.   

Quality test prep requires a detailed plan and schedule. However, many students struggle to come up with such a plan on their own. That’s where Huntington can help. Our programs are built around improving a student’s SAT or ACT scores, and we have a track record of success and proven results. Our tutors know the SAT and ACT test inside and out and can help your student. Whether your student is taking the SAT or the ACT, we can design a program that helps them achieve their score goals.  

Learn more about Huntington’s SAT and ACT test prep programs by calling us today at 1-800 CAN LEARN to get started.