Four Ways for Teachers to Rejuvenate This Summer

By Huntington Learning Center

Students need a break after an intense school year, and so do you! Even if you have professional development plans or other education goals while you’re not in school, it is essential that you take time to rejuvenate your mind and recharge your batteries. Here are a few tips:  

Make a summer reading list. Just like you tell your students, summer is the best time to rediscover your love for reading for the fun of it. Make a list of pool reads and commit to unplugging and reading a little bit each day.  

Exercise. We all know that exercise is good for the body, but study after study shows that it is good for the mind and the soul, too. Start walking, hiking, or practicing yoga. You’ll feel better and be glad that you did.  

Reflect on the year. Within a week or two of school ending, take a notebook and head to your favorite coffee shop for some reflection. What worked well last year? What didn’t? Did your co-workers offer any insight this past year?   

Set goals when your mind is fresh. After reflecting on the year, set a few goals. What would you like to improve or change next year? How will you make those changes and what milestones can you set to ensure you do? 

Summer is your chance to breathe in between school years and give yourself a much-needed mental break! Use the time well so that when the next school year comes, you feel excited and ready to make it a great year.