Is Going to College Worthwhile for Students Without a Career in Mind?

By Huntington Learning Center

Not all teens recognize the importance of college from the first day of high school. And even for students who have long thought college was part of their futures, the tumultuous past year has taken a toll, causing some to lose motivation and direction.

Here’s the reality, parents: yes, college is absolutely worthwhile. Even for students who are unsure about a major and have given little thought to a career yet, there are many reasons it’s a smart investment. Here are a few reasons to share with your student if they’re feeling uncertain about attending college after high school:

  • College graduates make more money. By high school, your student probably understands that everything in life costs money. The more education a person has, the higher their earning potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent Career Outlook report shows that it pays to stay in school – literally. Workers with bachelor’s degrees earn 67% more than those with high school diplomas ($746 median weekly earnings vs. $1,246 median weekly earnings).
  • In college, students get to focus on their interests. Yes, there is a general education curriculum that your student will need to complete first. However, soon into college, your student will start taking classes within their major. That means they will be able to zero in on what they really like.
  • Uncertain students get to explore new possibilities. College is both for students who already have specific goals and those who are still figuring things out. Every college has a team of professionals intended to help students determine what they want to study and do in their careers. Professors and staff are also accustomed to helping students discover their interests and strengths (and how those things can blend into a major).
  • Your student gets to be in charge. Most teenagers crave independence, and college will be a great experience because they’ll get to be in charge of their own life. That means making their own decisions and rules, and from a school perspective, trying new things, exploring new subjects, and taking on the responsibility of school all on their own. College helps teens grow up and discover themselves, both academically and otherwise.