Seven Reasons Your Teen Needs an SAT/ACT Prep Course

By Huntington Learning Center

The SAT and ACT are arguably the most important exams in a high school student’s life. It pays to prepare! But here’s something to keep in mind: there are several must-haves when it comes to effective preparation and many teens are ill-equipped to approach the task correctly on their own.

Here are seven reasons to enroll teens in an SAT/ACT prep course:

  1. To work with skilled teachers. Find a well-designed exam prep course that is taught by an experienced tutor. Ideally, that teacher will have significant SAT/ACT exam prep experience and great training and hold state certifications. Teachers like this know how to help students succeed on the SAT/ACT.
  2. To get an organized study plan in place. The problem with students studying on their own for the SAT/ACT is that they might be spending too much time on one area and not enough on another. It’s natural for students to want to focus on subjects they know well, but no two students should study exactly the same way. A customized exam prep course will ensure each student’s needs are met and goals considered.
  3. To get a clear picture of each exam’s structure. Before a student dives into studying, it’s important to understand how the SAT differs from the ACT, especially if that student plans to take both exams. Organizers of SAT/ACT prep courses can also guide students toward the exam that fits them best and aligns with the preferences of the college(s) to which they’re applying, if applicable.
  4. To customize their study plan. Great prep courses start with individualized study plans that are created based on students’ practice SAT/ACT scores. This initial assessment identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses on the exam(s) they are taking. A customized study approach and schedule is more likely to help students improve where they need to improve. Students rarely need to study the same amount for all exam sections, after all.
  5. To learn trusted test-taking skills and strategies. The SAT and ACT are not structured or scored the same. A quality exam prep program will guide students through good strategies for answering different types of test questions, knowing how each type is graded.
  6. To improve speed. There’s no getting around it: students don’t have the luxury of time during the SAT and ACT. These exams are timed and students are expected to move quickly from question to question. Too often, students struggle with this aspect of these exams. A good prep program teaches students to improve their speed and become adept at narrowing down answer choices fast so they make the most of their test minutes.
  7. To get actual test-taking practice. An initial practice test is important to ensure students focus their studying on the right areas, but prep courses usually incorporate multiple practice tests into their curriculum. This is valuable, as practice tests get students comfortable with the structure of the SAT/ACT and give them the opportunity to practice those test-taking skills.

Whether your teen is taking the SAT or ACT for the first time or has taken these exams before and wants to boost those scores, Huntington can help. Call us to learn more about our proven approach and to find the Huntington SAT/ACT prep program nearest you: 1-800 CAN LEARN.