Five Reasons Working with a Tutor Will Help Your Teen Perform on the SAT and ACT

By Huntington Learning Center

Some students are naturally strong test-takers, but for most, performing well takes preparation. That’s definitely true when it comes to the SAT and ACT, the tests your teen will take before applying to colleges. The prep is worthwhile and will enable your teen to earn higher scores and improve their chances of acceptance at their target schools.

Here are five reasons working with a tutor will help your teen increase their SAT and ACT scores:

  1. Prep builds confidence. Practice makes better. The right test prep program will have your teen take several practice tests in order to get comfortable with the pacing and structure of these exams, so they feel less intimidating.
  2. Your teen will get familiar with the tests. The SAT and ACT aren’t like other tests your teen has taken before. They have several different sections and different question types. They are timed and require test-takers to move through questions at a relatively fast pace. A tutor will help your teen get to know these exams well, so that on test day, there are no surprises.
  3. There won’t be any guessing on what sections need attention. An individualized tutoring program is just that – individualized for your teen. That means your teen will receive customized instruction in the areas where they can improve and reinforcement in the areas where they are strong. That makes for quality test preparation and better test performance.
  4. Your teen will be up to speed on recent changes. Tutors familiar with the SAT and ACT will make sure your teen is completely informed of any recent adjustments to the test’s sections and how they are scored. Knowing that information can help your teen adjust their test-taking strategy and approach.
  5. Tutors spend time on more than just exam content. Making sure your teen has the knowledge and skills to perform on the SAT and ACT is a top priority for a test prep tutor, but it’s also important to focus on things like time management. Your teen will learn about time differences on each section, the amount of time to spend on different question types, and the best ways to narrow down answer choices.

If your teen is planning to take the SAT or ACT this year, Huntington can help prepare! We offer three different levels of SAT and ACT prep programs:

  • 14-hour program – Covers one subject area and four hours of practice tests. It is ideal for those with limited time to prep.
  • 32-hour program – Covers instruction across all subjects and eight hours of practice tests. Includes online, video-based prep that complements in-center instruction.
  • Premier customized program – Huntington’s most thorough program available, with a curriculum tailored to students’ needs and goals. Includes online, video-based SAT or ACT prep that complements in-center instruction.

Contact us at 1-800 CAN LEARN to discuss your teen’s college plans. We’ll help your teen achieve their goals and earn the highest score possible!