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Is Going to College Worthwhile for Students Without a Career in Mind?

Not all teens recognize the importance of college from the first day of high school. Even for students who are unsure about a major and have given little thought to a career yet, there are many reasons it’s a smart investment.

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Tips for Effective Summer SAT/ACT Prep

For high school students, the school year is very busy. Summer is a break from school, and the best chance for students to focus their time on preparing for the exam they plan to take.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Person for a College Letter of Recommendation

Summer before senior year is a great time for college-bound students to request letters of recommendation. It gives the people students choose plenty of time to write a letter about them, and enough time for students to assemble their application packages in the fall when school resumes.

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Can Students Get Internships in High School – and What Kind?

You’ve heard of internships in college, but what about internships in high school? What kinds of internships are out there? College certainly offers more types of internships, but there are still a variety of internships that your high school student should consider.

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Five Test-Taking Tips for the SAT and ACT

Spring and summer are prime SAT and ACT seasons. How can your student succeed on these important exams? By preparing, of course! here are several test-taking tips that will help your student achieve their best score.

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What to Do if Your High School Student’s Grades Have Been Disrupted by COVID-19

If your student fell behind while schools were closed in 2020 and has struggled with remote and/or hybrid learning, it’s not too late to fix things. Here’s what your student should do to address any low grades and get back on track.

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