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SAT and ACT Percentiles: What They Mean

Your student’s SAT and ACT scores came back, and you’re trying to interpret how they did based on the college goals they have. You might be familiar with the range of SAT/ACT scores, but do you understand the score percentiles and what they mean? Do colleges even pay attention to percentile ranges?

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Is Test Optional Really Test Optional?

Many colleges and universities decided to make standardized tests optional for freshmen applicants, citing the challenges with holding in-person tests as the biggest reason. But as vaccines have been made available, some colleges and universities have returned to their normal admission policies, while others are opting to continue to make SAT/ACT scores optional. Does test optional really mean what you think? 

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Is Your High School Student Ready for An Academic Push?

Spring is around the corner, which happens to be class registration time for high school students. That means your student should be thinking ahead about what classes they want to take next year and whether or not they are on the right academic track. If your student is looking to push themselves next year, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Helping Your Child Get Off on the Right Foot in 2022

If your child had a difficult first semester of the year, use this time to talk openly about it and set some goals. Here are a few tips to help your child start 2022 off the right way.

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What Huntington's Premier, 32-Hour, and 14-Hour SAT/ACT Prep Programs Look Like

Whether your students need a little or a lot of help to raise their SAT or ACT score, Huntington offers college entrance exam prep programs for students striving to achieve their goals. Huntington’s programs are customized to each student. 

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Freshman Year Checkup: Is Your Student Off to a Good Start?

In high school, it’s more important than ever to correct problems as soon as they arise and not ignore red flags when you notice them.

Here are a few things to pay attention to so you can make sure your freshman is on the right track.

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