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What Test-Optional Really Means

To submit or not submit an ACT/SAT score? That is the question many college applicants are asking these days as more than 600 colleges and universities went “test-optional” during the pandemic—and most have extended those policies for the time being. 

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Maximize Winter Break for College Research

Winter break is a good chance for college-bound students to put attention toward their college-related tasks. Here are several tips on what your student should do to maximize their break:

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How Are Colleges Using SAT/ACT Scores in Today’s Admissions Environment?

If you have a high school student starting to think about college right now, you probably have questions about the SAT and ACT. With many colleges and universities still test optional and others test flexible or test blind, what to do is confusing for parents and students. Right now, policies differ depending on the college or university, and it’s best for you to check with the schools where your student plans to apply for the most up-to-date information.

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Junior Year: How to Prepare for College

College planning picks up significantly during junior year of high school. From taking standardized tests to beginning to research colleges, there is plenty to do and keep track of. This checklist will keep your student focused on the essentials and remind you of what’s most important.

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Helping Students with ADHD Succeed on Tests

For children with ADHD, studying effectively is a challenge. The way your child does this in elementary school vs. high school will look very different, of course, but your child can embrace a few good habits.

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What you need to know about the college admissions landscape

The college admissions landscape has evolved in the last two years, and while some colleges and universities dropped their SAT/ACT requirement, others have returned to their normal standardized testing policies. Make sure your student does research each individual institution, and their admission policies.

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