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How to Get Teens to Read

There are lots of reasons teens stop reading as much as they did at a younger age. How can you encourage your teen to read during middle and high school (and beyond)? Here are a few tips.

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Timeline of Changes to the SAT and ACT

Have you ever wondered where the SAT and ACT tests came from? Or how long they’ve been used by U.S. colleges and universities to evaluate students for admission? 

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Six Life Lessons Teens Can Learn from High School

High school is a period of tremendous growth for teens. They build upon the foundation of middle school and move toward college and adulthood, gaining academic and non-academic aptitudes that help them be successful and independent.

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Your Teen’s Holiday Ready-for-College Checklist

 Holiday break is a great time to make sure your teens are ready to attack the home stretch of high school in order to get ready for college. Here are a few tips on how your college-bound teen can make the most of this holiday break. 

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Six Tips for Building Your Teen’s Confidence

Confident teens have a good attitude about school, are persistent and tend to weather the ups and downs effectively. What can you do to bolster your teen’s confidence? Find out here!

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National Association for College Admission Counseling Changes Its Ethics Code

The NACAC has made a decision to remove several provisions from its Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. Read on to find out what the removed sections covered and how they will impact your college-bound teen.

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