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Will Test-Optional College Admissions Stick Around Forever?

Schools that embrace test-optional admission policies make standardized tests optional for freshmen applicants. In other words, students do not need to submit SAT/ACT scores to be considered for admission.

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SAT/ACT Update: January 2021

With the state of the SAT and ACT changing constantly these days, it’s time for an update for your college-bound teen. Here are the latest test dates and other news that you need to know as your teen prepares to navigate the college admission process.

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Five Reasons Working with a Tutor Will Help Your Teen Perform on the SAT and ACT

Some students are naturally strong test-takers, but for most, performing well takes preparation. That’s definitely true when it comes to the SAT and ACT, the tests your teen will take before applying to colleges.

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How to Help Your Teen Determine College Compatibility

Choosing a college is a big decision that often brings both excitement and anxiety. With so many options available, your teen might easily become overwhelmed and hasty in picking. 

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What College Readiness Looks Like

There’s a term you’ve probably heard a lot before as a parent: college readiness. What does it mean? And how do you know if your child is on track for “college readiness” in school?

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Study Skills Your Teen Will Need in College

Knowing how to study effectively is important in high school, but it’s even more crucial in college, where students are expected to manage multiple demanding classes and regularly prove their understanding of class material on quizzes and exams. 

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