Why Tutoring Can be the Key to ACT Success

By Huntington Learning Center

When School Isn’t Enough: Why Tutoring Can be the Key to ACT Success

We've encountered many parents over the years who have questions about the benefits of the ACT tutoring programs at Huntington Learning Centers. These parents are searching for answers about the effectiveness and impact of exam prep programs. Often, their questions are very similar and indicate that many parents have the same concerns when their children are preparing to take the ACT.

We've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about ACT tutoring and hope the answers help you determine whether such a program is right for your child. 

Why choose ACT tutoring? The ACT is a high stakes test that assesses your child's ability as a snapshot
in time. Years of hard work preparing for college admissions can be negatively affected by a weak ACT score. Investing in ACT tutoring provides your child with the extra practice, knowledge, and confidence necessary for success on the exam. The content and format of the ACT exam may feel overwhelming if you are working to prepare your child on your own. How do you know exactly what to study? How much emphasis should you place on each content area? What is the best way to prepare for the specific format of the exam? The professional tutors at Huntington Learning Centers are specifically trained to help students prepare for the exam. Through a careful combination of assessment, instruction, and practice your child will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare for the exam. 

What are the benefits of tutoring at Huntington Learning Centers? The main goal of the ACT tutoring programs at Huntington Learning Centers is to prepare students for the rigors of the ACT exam focusing on academic knowledge, test taking skills, and time management skills. Your child will learn from the best and experience a comprehensive and prescriptive tutoring program based on ongoing assessment data. Not only will your child gain the skills and knowledge necessary for success on the ACT exam but you'll likely notice an increase in confidence as well. Your child will be able to confidently look forward to the exam.

What are the differences in tutoring programs? We offer three different tutoring programs and are confident one of these will meet your child's specific needs. The Premier Program is recommended for students that have six to eight weeks to devote to ACT tutoring and is customized to meet your child's individual needs. Ongoing progress monitoring and interim conferencing provide you the assurance that your child is benefiting from the tutoring program. The 28-Hour Program is designed as a five to seven week program that prepares students in all content areas in a limited amount of time. The 10-Hour Program is designed for students with limited time that want targeted practice in a single content area. If you'd like more information about which of these programs is a best fit for your child contact a professional with Huntington Learning Centers.  

How will tutoring complement my child's high school education? Your child is learning a lot in high school and the mastered skills and acquired knowledge will be incredibly beneficial on the ACT exam. Using careful assessments, we determine what your child already knows and what content areas remain a struggle. We'll work to close the gaps and strengthen your child's academic foundation. The tutoring sessions also expose students to the exam's format and teach successful test taking tips. Many of these lessons are also applicable to other exams your child will take during both high school and college. The benefits will continue to pay off over time. 

Huntington Learning Centers are proud to serve local communities by offering high quality tutoring for students preparing for the ACT exam. Will your child be taking the ACT exam this school year? What other questions do you still have about the benefits of ACT tutoring? Let us know on one of our social media pages or share this information with others who may benefit by clicking on one of the social media buttons above.


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