What to Expect from Exceptional Calculus Tutoring

By Huntington Learning Center

What to Expect from Exceptional Calculus Tutoring

Calculus may well be one of the most challenging subjects a high school student will encounter. An extension of Algebra and Geometry, the subject of calculus expands into the complex mathematical concepts of things like parametric equations and applications of derivatives. We know that proficiency in calculus is critically important in a number of college majors and professions, which is why so many high school calculus students seek out calculus tutoring. But what should you expect from calculus tutoring designed to truly deliver improved academic performance? 

Individual Instruction

Calculus tutoring should be anything but a communal endeavor. Your needs are specific to you alone, which means you can expect a calculus tutoring experience to be one-on-one with a highly-qualified tutoring professional. Your tutoring will be tailored to your specific learning style, and will afford you the platform to freely ask questions as they arise.

Active Engagement

Calculus simply can’t be mastered with the passive absorption of knowledge; calculus depends on critical thinking, which is why you should expect your calculus tutoring experience to actively engage you in deep critical thinking that requires an explanation of reasoning. Dialogue can also help foster confidence and increase a student’s willingness to participate in class, which is also crucial for optimal learning.

Manageable Goals

Every great calculus tutor helps students set specific, measurable and timely goals. With exceptional calculus tutoring, you’ll always know where you’re going and how you’re getting there. A tutor’s job involves much more than simply securing a good grade at the end of the term, he or she is responsible for helping you master specific skills and concepts within a given time frame, and celebrating when those goals are achieved.

Preparation for Upcoming Exams

An effective calculus tutoring program should not be a wholly independent from the schedule of your high school calculus class. While the focus of calculus tutoring expands beyond daily management of homework, it should concentrate on upcoming quizzes and exams as needed. Though your tutoring program may primarily devote your efforts to specific calculus skills, when the time comes for an exam on transcendental functions, that should be top priority.

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