What PSAT Scores Can Tell You in Preparing for the SAT

By Huntington Learning Center

What PSAT Scores Can Tell You in Preparing for the SAT

College is just around the corner and your exam preparation is vital to ensure your best SAT and PSAT scores. Your scores will help boost your college admission portfolio and indicate your readiness for college success. Performing well on the PSAT is also an indicator of success on the SAT. Research by the College Board, the organization that administers both the SAT and PSAT, indicates the importance of a student's PSAT scores.

Importance of the PSAT

Many view the PSAT as simply a preparation for the SAT, but it is also quite important on its own. High school students typically sit for the PSAT exam one year before taking the SAT. PSAT scores are available shortly after the test is completed allowing you the time to examine the score reports and determine which parts of the SAT will require the most preparation. Although the PSAT isn't normally used by colleges to determine admission, the scores are often utilized in student recruitment. Colleges contact prospective students who scored well on the PSAT and encourage them to consider their programs for future studies. The PSAT is also used as a determinant for honors awarded by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Preparing for the PSAT

Your preparation for the PSAT exam should be comprehensive and allow plenty of time for practice and review. As you are beginning your preparation consider:

  • Taking practice tests The College Board provides practice tests online that students can take as part of their preparation. We suggest taking one before you begin studying to assess your readiness and which areas of the exam are the most difficult for you. You can take additional practice tests throughout your preparation to monitor your progress and determine areas of continued need.
  • Planning your preparation Cramming rarely works and inconsistent preparation may not help you be fully ready for exam day. Instead, take the time to schedule your work sessions and plan your studying. Make a master schedule of your study plans leading up to exam day and then find blocks of time each week to devote to your preparation. Work hard to stick to this schedule to ensure you are ready.
  • Studying the exam's format, directions, and types of questions Preparing for the content of the exam is not enough. You also need to familiarize yourself with the PSAT's directions, types of questions, and the format of the exam. Read through all test information to also learn the exam day schedule and determine what items are restricted in the testing center.
  • Working with the experts Sometimes your best preparation can benefit from the expertise of a professional tutor. Huntington Learning Center is proud to offer comprehensive and personalized tutoring for the PSAT exam. Through careful assessment we can help you determine your areas of strength and need. Your tutoring plan will be carefully crafted to meet your individual needs and ensure you are ready for exam day.

Preparing for the SAT

One of the most important parts of the PSAT is the information you'll learn to aid your preparation for the SAT exam. Once you receive your PSAT results take the time to examine the data and determine the areas that will require the most preparation in advance of the SAT. Use this information to create a study schedule that allows you plenty of time to measure your progress and carefully prepare. If you need help interpreting your PSAT results and using this information to prepare for the SAT the professional tutors at Huntington Learning Centers can help. We offer a variety of exam prep programs that vary in length and format and can help you determine which would work best for you.


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