Use The Summer Wisely & Build Academic Skills With These Simple Ideas

By Huntington Learning Center

Use Summer Vacation to Boost Your Child's Academic Skills!

The upcoming school year is just around the corner and it isn't too late to discover ways that academic summer programs can help your child. The lazy days of summer are a perfect time for you to reflect on the past school year, your child's performance and behavior, and ways that you can help reduce frustration with both school and homework.

If you believe that your child is struggling and needs help with academic skills there are certain questions you may be asking yourself, such as:

  • What do teachers think of my child's school performance? Perhaps teachers have told you that your child is a class clown, a day dreamer, or acts out when the academic material becomes too difficult. You may have had conversations with teachers about retention, a study team evaluation, or additional  academic interventions.
  • Are there observable signs of struggle when my child is completing homework? If completing homework is an ongoing struggle for your child you may be locked in a constant cycle of frustration or refusal. Your child may be indicating the homework is too hard if it takes too long, completion is a battle, or there is constant refusal or avoidance.
  • Does my child's schoolwork seem too hard? You may have noticed that your child isn't able to read the textbook and classroom materials, gives up easily, receives grades that don't reflect  effort, is disorganized and lacks strong study habits, or seems to struggle with time management. Each of these is an indicator that the academic content is too difficult.
  • What impact are the academic struggles having on my child's behavior? When a child is struggling academically the frustration and lack of understanding often manifests itself in behavior issues. If your child is angry, withdrawn, unruly, or disrespectful these may be signs that the academic work is simply too difficult and frustration has set in.

 If you are concerned about your child the professionals at Huntington Learning Centers are available to help. We are committed to creating academic summer programs that help struggling learners better prepare for future learning. Don't let the next couple of months slip by when your child could be working side by side with a professional tutor who is committed to helping meet your child's needs.

Our approach is unique and completely child-centered. We will work with you to boost academic skills and better prepare your child for the upcoming school year.

  1. Academic Evaluation We start by determining your child's specific needs. We use a variety of assessments based on your child's age, developmental ability, and your specific concerns. Your child's behavior and response to the assessments are also observed and measured.
  2. Data analysis The results from the academic evaluation are analyzed and your child's strengths and weaknesses are identified. These assessment results form the baseline for your child's ongoing growth.
  3. Parent conference Once we have determined your child's areas of strength and weakness we meet with you to fully develop a tutoring plan. This conference is focused on our observations, conclusions, and recommendations and the ways that Huntington Learning Centers can help. It is an opportunity for you to learn more about your child and to ask questions about how our tutoring approach will help reduce frustration, increase academic understanding, and better prepare your child for future learning.
  4. Personalized tutoring sessions Once the parent conference is complete and your child's specific learning plan is created, the real work begins. The tutoring sessions are focused on your child's specific needs and utilize instructional methods that are centered on your child's areas of identified growth.
  5. Ongoing feedback We pride ourselves on maintaining close contact with parents and work to keep you updated and informed. Results from ongoing assessments, observations from tutoring sessions, and changes to the learning plan are communicated to you in a timely fashion. We will make sure you understand your child's successes and the areas of ongoing need.
  6. School communication With your permission we will be in contact with your child's school once the fall term begins. Our tutors will share information with your child's teachers and will shape tutoring sessions to meet the school's academic curriculum.


Are you concerned about your child's academic abilities? What difference could academic summer programs make in your child's learning?


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