Trigonometry Tutoring: Helping Your Student Navigate Mid-Fall Challenges

By Huntington Learning Center

Trigonometry Tutoring: Helping Your Student Navigate Mid-Fall Challenges

Mid-fall is a critical time of the school year for high school students: they experience homework overload, are faced with demanding group projects, and must prepare for numerous quizzes and exams. Teens involved in extra-curricular activities such as student government or sports may also dedicate a significant amount of time after school to these endeavors, further cutting into homework and study time.

For junior and senior high school students, mid-fall can also bring with it the challenge of advanced coursework, which tends to accelerate as the year progresses. Trigonometry, is one such course that can prove problematic. Many students struggle to master the complex skills of this subject, such as inverse functions, trigonometric identities, polar equations, and graphing. As trigonometry is a building block in the field of mathematics and knowledge of the subject is often expected of incoming college freshmen, your student’s success in this course is about more than just a letter grade. 

The significance of trigonometry can also extend beyond college, as many career paths require mastery of this branch of mathematics. Fields demanding proficiency in trigonometry include architecture, navigation, engineering, digital imagery, astronomy, aircraft design, flight projection, and many more. In addition, an understanding of trigonometry is required before a student can take calculus, a mathematics course that is a pre-requisite for numerous college majors such as biology, environmental science, physics, marketing, and business administration, among others. With so many majors and careers requiring higher-level math skills, there’s a good chance your student’s trigonometry course will directly affect his or her future.

Furthermore, poor performance in a course like trigonometry can damage your teen’s confidence. Many high school students must work hard at trigonometry to be successful; don’t let your student feel as though he or she is alone in this struggle. Lack of confidence in one subject can develop into to a lack of confidence in others, as well as deter a student from pursuing a mathematics-heavy career path.

Trigonometry matters, so don’t wait until your student’s report card is issued to determine if he or she needs help with this critical subject. Addressing any issues early in the school year affords you time to get help for your student and improve his or her understanding and grade. Speak to your student about class progress, help with homework assignments when possible, and reach out to his or her teacher for more insight. In addition, determine if your student needs help focusing by assessing the impact of his or her extra-curricular commitments and study habits. Recognizing whether your student needs help understanding the material or is simply stretched too thin and requires more study time will help you determine how to get your child back on track.

The Huntington Learning Center offers effective one-to-one trigonometry tutoring to help your student tackle daily assignments, master necessary skills and concepts, prepare for quizzes, and improve his or her grades. For information on trigonometry tutoring and all of our services, contact The Huntington Learning Center at 1-800-CAN-LEARN, schedule a consultation online, or visit one of our centers.