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Five Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

Sep. 12, 2017

It's easy to tell that a child needs tutoring when he or she continues to receive one poor report card after the next, but there are a number of other less obvious signs that parents shouldn't ignore.

Start the School Year Off the Right Way With These Study Tips

Aug. 13, 2015

Utilizing the proper study tips can be the difference between average and extraordinary grades. Read the tips found here in order to reach your potential.

Effective Ways to Improve Your Student's Study Skills

Dec. 03, 2014

A student's success in school isn't just based on how well he or she can understand material; rather, academic success also depends on the effectiveness of a student's study skills.

What Can You Do to Help Your Child Improve His or Her Study Habits?

Sep. 22, 2014

With a new school year underway, it's a great time to examine some tactics parents can use to help their child study more effectively.

Does Your Child Need Tutoring?

Mar. 13, 2014

Tutoring helps students in different situations.

How Parents Can Help Children Prepare for Assessment Tests

Mar. 03, 2014

These days, helping your student strengthen his or her test-taking skills takes on new meaning if you live in a state that has adopted the Common Core State Standards and the standards newly aligned assessment tests.

Research Suggests that Retrieval Practice Promotes Better Learning

Feb. 12, 2014

Retrieval practice is a form of memorization that goes something like this: You read a passage. You recall information from that passage immediately after reading by taking a test. You retain more information over time compared to people who don't use retrieval practice.

Understanding the Common Core Standards for Math

Oct. 24, 2013

Put common core standards to work by learning about the eight standards for mathematical practice that students are expected to understand.

Get Help With Homework From The Tutors At Huntington Learning Center

Sep. 30, 2013

Students struggling with homework should seek help from Huntington Learning Center. After a few sessions, students will feel confident about their work.

Students Can Build Strong Study Habits At An Early Age With These Tips

Sep. 18, 2013

Study habits develop over time and students that start to build organizational skills from an early age will be better prepared for academic challenges.

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