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Tips for Staying on Track with Schoolwork During Winter Break

Dec. 11, 2023

Sometimes teachers assign homework that is designed to keep students’ minds fresh, so they do not lose skills and are ready to pick up where they left off when school resumes again in a few weeks.  

Whatever the situation, if your student does have winter break homework to do, here are a few tips for keeping them on track

Five Study Skills Middle Schoolers Need to Acquire and Refine

Nov. 03, 2022

What are some of the middle school study skills your student should be cultivating as they move toward high school? Here are five of the most essential.

Tips and Tricks to Deal with Stress When Taking the SAT/ACT

Mar. 08, 2022

While the idea of college might excite your student, SAT stress and ACT stress are very real. This aspect of the college journey can be overwhelming for many. Students want to put their best foot forward on those college applications, but preparing for yet another exam in addition to their school work is a lot.

Here are tips for students on how to deal with stress related to the SAT/ACT.

Helping Your Child Develop a Game Plan to Raise Their Grades Before the End of the School Year

Feb. 08, 2022

It’s not too late to get back on track, but we advise students to do so with a specific plan in place. Too often, students say they want to raise their grades but don’t know where to start. We advise that students approach their grade turnaround efforts in a focused, intentional way. That’s likely to make the biggest difference in helping them make up those losses.

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