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Tips and Tricks to Deal with Stress When Taking the SAT/ACT

Mar. 08, 2022

While the idea of college might excite your student, SAT stress and ACT stress are very real. This aspect of the college journey can be overwhelming for many. Students want to put their best foot forward on those college applications, but preparing for yet another exam in addition to their school work is a lot.

Here are tips for students on how to deal with stress related to the SAT/ACT.

Colleges and Universities have gone and continue to go test optional - Here’s why students should take the SAT/ACT anyway.

Dec. 02, 2020

COVID has caused many colleges and universities to enact test-optional policies. While this may make it seem as though these exams are no longer necessary for your college application, there are still numerous reasons your student should consider taking one of these standardized tests.

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