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The Science of Reading: Why More Schools Are Embracing the Concept

Oct. 11, 2023

This blog post discusses how a real science of reading should include different methods and approaches. It highlights the importance of oral reading fluency and vocabulary in a child's reading progress.

Bridging the Gap: How Tutoring & Intervention Can Help Youth in Foster Care

Jun. 08, 2023

Widespread health crises have largely impacted students nationwide, with skills gaps and unfinished learning becoming one of the biggest issues students face today. Many schools and districts are looking to bridge these gaps by providing high-dosage tutoring, reading and math interventions, and educational scholarships to allow students to seek private help.

How Tutoring Helps Kids in Crisis

May. 09, 2023

Tutoring can be a valuable resource for families and children struggling with learning loss and ongoing mental health struggles as it provides them with a supportive environment in which they can work on their academic goals while also receiving guidance and support from a trusted adult. 

Preventing Summer Slide with Publicly Funded Programs: Help Students Maintain Academic Success during the Summer Months

Apr. 26, 2023

Huntington Learning Center’s Publicly Funded Programs can help schools work with parents and families, preparing the students for their next grade level and helping to bridge any gaps a student may have As we transition into the long, hot days of summer, here are a few ways to make sure students avoid summer learning loss.

How Can Schools Use ESSER Funds to Help Bridge The Learning Gap

Mar. 31, 2023

The clock is ticking on Covid-Related relief funding (The CARES Act requires ESSER funds to be allocated by September 2023), and now is the time to set the plans in motion to use this final push of federal dollars! Huntington Learning Center is here to partner with public, charter, and private schools to provide high-quality supplemental educational services targeted toward students' specific academic needs.

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