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How to Motivate Your Child Whose Grades Have Dropped

Apr. 05, 2024

Falling grades are problematic, but an even bigger issue is when your child seems uninterested in turning things around. Here are several tips to help students who may have fallen behind and lost motivation or who seems apathetic about school and whose As have dwindled to Cs.

Six Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

Mar. 08, 2024

Rarely do children sail through school from kindergarten through twelfth grade without encountering a few challenges along the way. How can you recognize a problem that requires more than just a bit of additional effort on your child’s part?

Why Mastery of Skills is Important for Young Students

Feb. 15, 2024

Mastery of skills is essential for deeper learning. Students who are encouraged to master knowledge before moving on to the next concept are inherently taught to persevere and approach learning with a growth (rather than fixed) mindset. They also build their confidence in the process.  

How to Set and Achieve Educational Goals for the New Year

Dec. 04, 2023

With a new year on the horizon, now is a good time for your child to think about how to turn over a new leaf by setting some academic goals. Setting educational goals is valuable because it gets students planning ahead and taking ownership of their education.

How to Prepare for a Tutoring Session

Nov. 16, 2023

Getting your child tutoring help if they’ve been struggling in school for a while is a wise decision. The more your child approaches tutoring with a positive, productive mindset, the better it will go. Here are a few tips on how you and your child can prepare for each tutoring session

How summer math tutoring can help your child for the next school year

Jul. 06, 2023

Without the correct math “building blocks” in place, math only becomes more challenging and more frustrating as the student progresses through grade levels.

Summer Writing Prompts for Elementary Students

Jun. 08, 2023

It’s important to encourage your child to keep their brain working to avoid summer learning loss, which can lead to gaps of knowledge, regression of skills, lost confidence and a weak start to the school year come fall.

How to Help Your Child With Spelling Problems

Jun. 01, 2023

Spelling practice is important for all students, as it helps younger students learn how to read and helps older students with vocabulary growth and reading comprehension.

Students Can Travel ‘Anywhere’ They Want To Go with Huntington Learning Center’s 2023 Summer Reading Adventure

May. 01, 2023

Let the adventure begin! It's time to grab your passports and join Huntington for a summer-long journey where we let our imaginations run wild, and catch up on some of that reading we missed during this crazy school year. Stay on track to be reading at grade level this fall, and have FUN doing it! Reading Adventure is free and open to all families!

A Nation at Risk

Feb. 08, 2023

Now, more than ever, we must invest the time and resources to ensure our children receive a quality education and rebound from learning disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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