Summertime: An Ideal Time for Test Prep

Summertime: An Ideal Time for Test Prep

If your teen is preparing to take the SAT or ACT this fall, there is no better time for him or her to register for a customized test prep program. Summer break is the perfect opportunity for students to focus on studying for the SAT or ACT because their schedules are far less crowded with school and extracurricular activities. Your teen can work from a targeted schedule to put himself or herself in the best position for the August or September exam.

To get the most out of his or her efforts, here are a few tips for your teen as he or she engages in summertime test prep:

Register. The registration deadlines for upcoming tests in 2017 are as follows:

Exam              Test date                                 Registration deadline

  • SAT                 August 26                               July 28
  • ACT                September 9                            August 4
  • SAT                 October 7                                September 8
  • ACT                October 28                              September 22
  • SAT                 November 4                            October 5

Encourage your teen to register now so that he or she has a committed date on the books—and a goal to work toward. That date will be the starting point when developing a study schedule.

Know the test. For the most effective prep, your teen must be familiar with the test he or she plans to take (and the differences between the ACT and the SAT). It is worthwhile to investigate the preferred test at his or her colleges of choice. Most important, your teen should understand the structure and sections of the test he or she is taking in order to study efficiently and effectively.

Make a plan and stick to it. Your teen will be far more successful if he or she has a schedule and a detailed plan to follow at each study session. Every session’s work plan should be divided into test sections and should take into account the student’s strengths and weaknesses so he or she does not waste valuable time on areas where he or she is stronger and gloss over areas where he or she is weak. The best way to assess those strengths and weaknesses is by taking an initial practice test.

Don’t underestimate the practice test. No study plan is complete if it does not incorporate practice tests. Your student will get a much better feel for the SAT or ACT’s structure and different question types (and how to answer them) when he or she takes an actual, full-length, timed practice test.  

Work on speed. Both the SAT and ACT are timed tests with no “fluff” time. Subject-matter knowledge is critical, but your teen must also be able to manage his or her time effectively to earn the best score. That means he or she will need to become comfortable reading and understanding the questions, narrowing down the choices and recognizing wrong answers—all very quickly.

Understandably, it can be overwhelming for teens to know where to begin with SAT or ACT test prep. If your teen needs help, call Huntington. We help thousands of students every summer prepare for the SAT and ACT, and we know both tests very well. Our highly trained teachers will work with your teen to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses and develop an individualized prep program to master the skills needed to raise his or her scores.

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