Summer Tutoring Is One Way Students Can Prepare For The School Year

By Huntington Learning Center

Summer Tutoring: 10 Benefits that Help Keep Students Sharp

The warm summer months are perfect for trips to the beach, lazy days by the pool, relaxing weekends with family, and investing in summer tutoring sessions for your child. Spending the summer months in strategic and customized tutoring sessions will help your child prepare for the upcoming school year, get a jump on new learning, and ensure previously learned skills don't slip away. 

Investing in summer tutoring sessions with Huntington Learning Centers is a great way to:

  1. Maintain newly acquired skills Students that participated in tutoring sessions during the school year likely have newly acquired skills that would benefit from ongoing practice. Don't put those valuable tutoring sessions to waste. Continuing with tutoring during the summer months will help your child maintain newly acquired academic skills. 
  2. Prevent summer slide Most teachers will attest that students are likely to experience "summer slide" during the summer months and may struggle to maintain knowledge and skills that were previously mastered. Tutoring sessions during the summer months will help your child maintain all of the important content knowledge and skills that were mastered in previous grades. 
  3. Learn new test taking skills Knowing how to take a test is almost as important as mastering all of the required content knowledge. Tutoring sessions this summer may help your child learn valuable new test taking skills that will boost confidence and better prepare your child for success.
  4. Be proactive about continued learning Don't wait until your child is struggling to seek valuable tutoring. Tutoring sessions at Huntington Learning Centers can be a tremendous asset to new learning because they are designed to meet your child's specific needs. As your child acquires new skills and knowledge the tutoring sessions are adapted to maximize learning.  
  5. Make the transition to a new school easier If your child will be starting at a new school in the fall tutoring sessions this summer can help make the transition easier. The time spent with a summer tutor will provide a great review of previous learning and will help prepare your child for the added challenge of learning in a new environment. 
  6. Get a jump on test prep Will your child be taking a standardized test this year? The ACT? SAT? Mandatory state assessments? Test prep tutoring at Huntington Learning Centers is a great way to help your child prepare for the exam. Your child's customized tutoring plan begins with a careful assessment of strengths and weaknesses. The tutoring sessions are then designed to help your child prepare for the specific skills and content of the standardized test. 
  7. Prepare for an unfamiliar subject If your child will begin a new area of study in the fall the summer months are a great time to get a head start. Personalized tutoring sessions will help your child master pre-requisite skills, understand important vocabulary, and prepare for the content that will be new learning once the school year starts. 
  8. Boost study habits Does your child struggle with study habits? Would a comprehensive approach to effective study habits help? Even students that understand the content and quickly acquire academic skills may struggle because of deficient study habits. Tutoring sessions can help your child prepare for the upcoming year by mastering a series of study skills that are relevant across subject areas. 
  9. Increase academic confidence Many times academic struggles manifest themselves in different ways; decreased confidence, behavior issues, or lack of motivation. Investing in tutoring sessions this summer can boost academic confidence and help your child prepare academically and mentally for the upcoming school year. 
  10. Support summer school courses If your child benefited from subject area tutoring during the school year continuing these sessions through summer school may be beneficial. An ongoing tutoring emphasis will help your child maintain newly acquired skills and prepare for the upcoming school year. 


Are you considering summer tutoring for your child? What are your goals for this summer's learning?


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