Summer Study Programs Can Improve Many Academic Skills

By Huntington Learning Center

Let Summer Study Programs Work for You!

 If your study habits have you worried about the upcoming school year it is a great time to take advantage of summer study programs. Spending a part of your summer dedicated to improving your study habits will help you better prepare for the courses on your fall schedule and can boost your confidence. Gaining the academic knowledge, and mastering the cognitive skills, is just one part of finding true success in school. Efficient study habits are equally important and will help prepare you for future learning.

Summer study programs can benefit your academic preparation next term in a variety of ways, including:

Improved test taking skills The reality of today's educational landscape is that students are required to pass a variety of high stakes tests. Refining your study skills will help regardless if you're preparing for end of course assessments, state proficiency tests, or college entrance exams. Preparing for an exam is all about mastering these test taking skills so you can focus on the subject areas being assessed. When you enroll at Huntington Learning Centers your tutor will not only focus on academic content but will also help you boost your test taking skills. The results of your academic evaluations will be used to present you with a customized program that strengthens these skills before progressing to the next skill level.

Greater organizational efficiency Part of developing solid study habits is creating strong organizational systems that benefit your learning. When you have a fixed amount of time to study you don't want to waste valuable minutes searching for assignments, deciding which are the most current lecture notes, or fumbling through class materials looking for the most recent lesson. Maintaining an organizational system will allow you to focus on the subject area content and put every minute to good use. There are a variety of methods to organizing your materials that will aid your studying. Some students find that a daily inventory is helpful to not losing valuable classroom materials and study aids. Each time you leave a class, make sure everything is properly stored. At the end of each day spend a few minutes making sure that no materials are left unfiled in your locker or in your bag. Returning all materials to the proper place, either in a folder or binder, will prepare you in advance for your next study session.

More efficient time management An important part of any student's study habits is the ability to efficiently manage available time. You may feel like there is never enough time to study, or that your study sessions are unproductive, but there are certain things you can do to boost your time management. Consider creating a consistent weekly schedule of dedicated study blocks. Evaluate your family, extra-curricular, and work commitments to find set times that can be dedicated to studying. Build in a few extra blocks of time to compensate for unforeseen circumstances. Over time compare this weekly schedule to the expectations of your classes. Do you have enough time to prepare for upcoming exams, projects, or papers? If your class requirements don't correlate with the amount of time you have committed to studying you will likely need to rearrange your schedule and add more blocks of dedicated study time.

The professional tutors with Huntington Learning Centers are specially trained to help students reach their full potential. Our carefully designed tutoring sessions will help you better prepare for next school year by improving your current study habits. These skills are carefully woven into a customized tutoring plan that builds on your strengths while reinforcing your identified areas of weakness. The carefully designed instructional program is tailored to your exact needs.

Have you participated in summer study programs before? What benefits did you experience?


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