Huntington Learning Center Kicks Off 2018 Summer Reading Adventure Program

By Huntington Learning Center

The Huntington Learning Center is launching its annual summer reading program this week, called Reading Adventure. Reading Adventure runs May to August and is open to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students choose books from Huntington’s pre-selected book lists, which offer a variety of high-interest choices by grade level and reading ability. Each student receives a reading “passport” in which to record books as completed and make a few notes of what he or she learned and enjoyed about each book.

Eileen Huntington, CEO and Co-Founder of Huntington Learning Center says that summer reading is one of the simplest, most effective ways to keep students learning over summer. “Regression is a common problem over summer break, but we find that a regular reading habit can help prevent students from sliding backward,” she says. “Best of all, this is a great time for children to read what they want to read for the pure enjoyment of it. Our reading lists include many popular titles that are perfect for students of all reading ability.”

Reading Adventure is intended to get children excited to read over summer, but Huntington offers several other suggestions to make literacy a priority during the break:

  • Go to the library regularly. While there, be sure to explore summer reading activities, book clubs and other opportunities to get involved.
  • Choose a family book that you can all read together.
  • Celebrate milestones—a pizza night or ice cream outing for every three books read, for example.
  • Make reading a family affair, spending 30 minutes each night reading on the patio together.
  • Check out books on CD from the library for your summer road trip.
  • Read the newspaper together each morning.
  • Read a few books-turned-movies together, then plan a night to watch the movie versions (think the Harry Potter or The Lightning Thief series, for example).
  • Try books related to your child’s hobbies, such as autobiographies on favorite sports icons or handbooks or guides for the avid gamer.

To learn more about the Huntington Reading Adventure program, contact Huntington at 1-800-CAN-LEARN or visit

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