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Strategies for Tackling the SAT

By Huntington Learning Center

As the school year starts, high school juniors nationwide are undoubtedly thinking of the approaching SAT college entrance exam, typically taken in the spring of a student’s junior year. Depending on the institution, the SAT can weigh heavily on admittance and possible scholarship opportunities, so a good score is of utmost importance.

At Huntington, our goal is to help students achieve the best score possible through comprehensive SAT test preparation. Our tutors are experienced in test-taking strategies, problem-solving skills, and proven ways to improve vocabulary.

Additionally, the following outlines some of our SAT prep strategies and helpful hints:

Plan Ahead (and Register Early)

Select a specific test date as far in advance as possible to allow for the most preparation. Don’t forget to set aside some budget for associated purchases like exam preparation books and prep programs. Registering early will also ensure you’re not paying late registration fees.  

Make a Smart Study Plan

Help your student develop a smart study plan that allows for thorough preparation. A smart study plan can include:

  • Planning your roadmap. How long will you review each subject? In what order? By what means?
  • Becoming familiar with the test itself (length, style of questions, scoring system, what you’ll need to bring with you the day of the exam, etc.)
  • Reviewing PSAT scores to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Completing a full length practice test
  • Engaging in additional reading and writing beyond coursework to improve comprehension and fluency
  • Seeking out a tutor for more specialized preparation

Consider Subject Tests

Students also can elect to take SAT Subject Tests, which test information beyond the standard SAT categories of reading, writing, and math. Subject tests can provide college admission boards a more accurate view of a student’s strengths. For example, if your student excelled in his or her Advanced Placement Biology course and is considering majoring in the subject, a Biology Subject test would help highlight your student’s strength in this area. For a full list of subject tests, click here. Most of these tests are an hour in length and offered in multiple choice formats.

Take it Again

Although your student may be satisfied with his or her SAT score, it doesn’t hurt to take the exam again. Studies show that 55 percent of students improve their scores by taking the exam a second time, usually in the fall of their senior year. In the event that a student does worse on the second exam, he or she can submit their original score to universities.

Huntington Helps

Exam preparation is one of our specialties! With years of experience helping students on college entrance exams, consider utilizing Huntington’s professional and effective SAT preparation programs. Our SAT Preparation programs include a range of highly personalized, custom study plans for your student, including three program options, subject tutoring, and an online resource library.

Start your SAT program now! Contact us at 1.800.CAN.LEARN for the Huntington Advantage.


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