Huntington Learning Center Shares Six Habits of Successful Students

By Dr. Raymond Huntington

As parents, we all want to help our children be as successful in school as they can be. But what is the best way to do so? At Huntington Learning Center, we encounter a range of students—some who are highly motivated to get into excellent colleges and others who are looking to make improvements in one or more subjects. In the 41 years we have been in business, we have observed that the best students have a lot in common—and they embrace many of the same academic habits. Here are six such habits to keep in mind as you guide your own children toward school success:

  1. They commit to study time. When it comes to studying, top-performing students are dedicated. They stick to best practices: choosing to study at a time of day when they are most focused and alert and avoiding distractions during that study window.
  2. They are skilled at prioritizing. Highly successful students make the most of study time by prioritizing assignments and tasks before they dive in. At the start of each study session, they review their tasks and rank them from most to least pressing, and only begin working once they’ve done so.
  3. Time management rules all. The best and brightest are often involved in more than just school. As active young people, these students recognize that there’s no room for procrastination when they want to get a lot accomplished. Such students put everything in their planners, from the hours they’re in school to all extracurricular activities, from wakeup time to bedtime. They schedule everything to ensure they make time for all of it. And they are good at using their hours wisely and not losing it to meaningless time-wasters.
  4. Organization is a habit. Great students know that a messy backpack or desk leads to lost time—and that’s counterproductive. These students develop an organizational system that keeps them on task and minimizes the chances they lose important papers or “spin their wheels” during study time because they can’t locate the supplies they need.
  5. They take good notes. An organized approach to note-taking leads to more effective studying later on. Students who become accustomed to taking notes that help them remember important information and key ideas are better equipped for success in college and beyond.
  6. They aim to learn, not memorize. Memorization is a requirement sometimes, but excellent students strive to think critically, analyze and evaluate that which they are taught in school. They listen actively in class and strive to process information so they are able to retain it.

Parents, the next time you wonder if you’re doing all you can to help your children in school, refer to this list. Everything you do to support your children as students should work toward these habits, which together create the “gold standard” of being a student.

As always, Huntington is here to help. If your child is struggling with his or her grades and also seems to need help figuring out reliable methods for school success, call us to schedule an academic evaluation. We’ll pinpoint the areas where your child needs the most support, and together, we can develop a customized learning program that will help him or her become a better, happier student.

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