Six Activities to Keep Your Child Learning this Summer

By Dr. Raymond Huntington

It’s summer break and children around the country are celebrating. While your child certainly deserves a break from the daily grind of homework and studying, it’s important to keep that brain active to avoid regression, the loss of academic skills that is so common over long breaks from school.

What can you do to keep your child learning over summer break? Here are six ideas from Huntington Learning Center:

  1. Read daily. A regular reading habit is quite possibly the best and easiest way for children to retain their reading skills over summer and avoid the dreaded “summer slide.” Make reading a part of your nightly summer routine. Check out Huntington’s Reading Adventure program and any summer reading programs at your local library, and visit the library often. And consider setting goals and rewards for your child for summer (e.g. dinner at a favorite restaurant for every book finished).
  2. Start a journal. You might not be able to convince your child to practice essay writing over summer, but a journal is a fun way for your child to keep track of the things he or she does, trips, and more. Browse the bookstore for themed journals with daily prompts if you think your child might benefit from a little nudge. Some of those memories and moments might prove useful later on when your child is seeking inspiration for college entrance essays.
  3. Play learning games. No matter how old your child is, there are all kinds of games out there that are fun to play and teach valuable skills and knowledge at the same time. Research online for websites with popular games but don’t forget classics like chess, checkers, all kinds of card games, Apples to Apples, Scrabble, Risk, and other board games.
  4. Get out the puzzles. Puzzles are a fantastic way to pass those hot summer days. Even if your child isn’t into the traditional jigsaw puzzle, there are lots of variations. Look for metal and wood disentanglement puzzles, tangrams, box puzzles, Tetris puzzles, speed cubes and interlocking ring puzzles.
  5. Embrace summer science. There are many ways for your child to use the outdoors to learn about the weather, how things grow, living organisms and more. Start a garden and put your child in charge of researching and planting fruits, vegetables and flowers that grow well in your climate. Have your child chart the weather and track how it changes over summer. Encourage your child to watch for birds and animals in the yard and pay attention to their behaviors. Science and summer go hand in hand!
  6. Save and invest. If your child is planning to earn money this summer, why not take him or her to the bank to open an account and learn about the different savings options available? Search for an online class that will teach your child the basics of saving and earning interest. Check out the tools and information at Northwestern Mutual’s The Mint.

The great thing about summer is it offers an opportunity to explore curiosities and learn for learning’s sake. It’s okay if you can’t get your child to crack a math book—there are lots of ways for children to deter learning loss and enjoy themselves in the process.

Need more ideas? Call Huntington at 1 800 CAN LEARN to learn about our customized summer programs for kids that help children of all ages catch up or get ahead in school and boost their confidence.


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