SAT Tips That Will Ensure You Are Fully Prepared For Test Day

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Get Ready for the SAT: Five Simple Tips

 Preparing for the SAT is more than just practice questions and memorizing vocabulary words. Proper SAT practice should follow an SAT study guide that is focused on comprehensive preparation that helps ensure students are ready for exam day. Using past performance data, applying current skills and knowledge, and understanding SAT testing conditions will maximize your potential and help propel you toward your academic future.

This SAT study guide is focused on maximizing available test prep resources and helping you to improve your understanding of various concepts prior to test day. You'll quickly understand how preparing wisely now will pay off when you feel confident about your preparation and are pleased with your performance.

Prepare your mind AND body
Preparing your mind for the SAT without also taking care of your physical needs is not ideal. Your brain can only work as hard as your body allows. During the entire SAT preparation you should also focus on proper nutrition, getting plenty of sleep, and finding time for physical activity. If you expect your brain to be in great shape for the SAT exam you also need to carefully prepare your body for the big day.

Don't cram
Cramming rarely works. Trying to prepare for a high stakes test in a small window of time will likely only leave you frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. The best means of preparation is to carefully plan your studying to ensure you have plenty of time to cover all assessed subject areas.  It is imperative that you take practice exams and these should be taken under testing conditions. Doing this will improve both your overall knowledge and test taking skills. Set aside specific blocks of time each week that are dedicated to SAT prep and ensure you meet a minimum amount of study time each week. 

Increase your academic vocabulary
Possessing a wide range of academic vocabulary is an essential part of doing your best on the SAT. Not only will increasing your vocabulary help with vocabulary test sections, it will also boost your understanding of reading passages, refine the content of your written essays, and increase your chances of correctly answering a wide variety of test questions. If you are looking for additional ways to improve your academic vocabulary, the professionals with Huntington Learning Centers can help! Part of the SAT tutoring sessions available through the learning centers focuses on increasing relevant academic vocabulary.

Source content for the essay portion 
The prompts used on the SAT utilize general topics accessible to all exam candidates. Because the writing time is limited on testing day it is vital to source evidence and content before you begin the test. Take the time to gather scholarly examples that could be used to answer a variety of prompts such as novels or literary characters, current news stories, global or national issues, and historical events. Sourcing and studying this content ahead of time will allow you to focus on writing a thoughtful essay instead of racking your brain for applicable content.

Practice under testing conditions
Preparing for the SAT exam is all about understanding what is expected of you on test day. Don't leave anything to chance. While you are studying it is important to spend time adhering to the actual testing conditions you'll encounter on exam day. Turn off your cell phone, ensure your calculator is an approved model, use only questions released by the SAT and the College Board, and take at least one practice exam while following the specific testing conditions and time guidelines. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by preparing for the SAT exam consider contacting the professionals at Huntington Learning Centers. The highly skilled tutors are specifically trained to help students prepare for the SAT while focusing on the areas of the exam that provide the most opportunity for growth. Each individual tutoring session will be carefully designed to meet your individual needs and will help you in your pursuit to achieve the highest score possible.


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