SAT Subject Tests & Huntington Learning Centers: A Winning Combination

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SAT Subject Tests and Huntington Learning Centers: A Winning Combination

Over the last twenty years there have been many developments in the SAT examination process including the opportunity to register for SAT Subject Tests. These exams are each one hour long and are multiple choice standardized tests. The only exception to the hour long test is the series of language tests with a listening component. The listening section adds additional time to the exam. The goal of these tests is to improve a student's credentials when applying to colleges. Students may choose to take the SAT Subject Tests to prepare for a college application or to meet a college's specific entrance requirements. 

SAT Subject Tests are available in 20 subject areas representing a wide range of high school curriculum. You can choose to register for SAT Subject Tests in any of these areas and may take as many tests as you would like. The SAT Subject Tests include exams in multiple curricular areas including:

  • Biology (Ecological or Molecular) There are two SAT Subject Tests in biology. The Ecological Biology Test is focused on the natural world and assesses concepts such as populations, energy flow, and biologically based communities. The Molecular Biology Test assesses your abilities in micro-level biology including cell structure, cellular processes, and biochemistry. The Huntington Learning Centers' subject tutoring sessions are designed to help you transfer the skills you've learned in high school to being prepared for the SAT Subject Tests.  
  • Chemistry If you are considering majoring in science or engineering you will likely want to take the Chemistry Subject Test to provide further support to your high school grades. This tests your ability to understand and display a knowledge of major concepts in chemistry and apply this understanding to specific problem solving situations. The Huntington Learning Centers' SAT Subject Test tutoring sessions will help you prepare for solving chemistry related problems. 
  • Mathematics 1 The Mathematics 1 test evaluates math skills from three years of college preparatory math, including one year of geometry and two of algebra. You can choose to take the Mathematics 1 test to show an interest in math related majors, support your high school grades, or set you apart from other applicants. The SAT Subject Test tutoring program at Huntington Learning Centers combines test taking skills with algebra and geometry concepts to prepare students for a successful test administration. 
  • Mathematics 2 This test covers all of the material in the Mathematics 1 test (algebra and geometry) and includes material from trigonometry and calculus. The tutoring sessions for the SAT Subject Tests can help you determine which of the two mathematics tests you should take. 
  • Physics The Physics Subject Test evaluates your understanding of one year of college preparatory physics and the reasoning skills honed in the physics laboratory. You are expected to understand basic physics concepts and to apply problem solving skills to physics problems. The Huntington Learning Center's tutoring team will coach you in ways to effectively translate your physics knowledge to the SAT Subject Tests.


Huntington Learning Centers offer subject tutoring in the above curricular areas aligned with the SAT Subject Tests. Participating in these enriching and worthwhile tutoring sessions will prepare you for the SAT Subject Tests. Competition can be fierce to receive admission into a top university and every point on the SAT can help strengthen your application. Don't overlook the benefits that subject area tutoring can provide when you are preparing to register for SAT Subject Tests.

What SAT Subject Tests will you be taking? How have you been preparing for these exams?


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