Struggling Student? Three Reasons to Get Your Child Academic Help This Summer

By Huntington Learning Center

The school year has had lots of ups and downs, and chances are, your student has been affected in some way or another. While summer is a welcome and much needed break for many children, it’s also an important time for catching up and fixing any problems.

The single biggest mistake that many parents make when it comes to dealing with school problems is waiting too long to take action. Huntington often sees parents bring their children to in after a year or more of low grades and learning problems.

If this sounds familiar, don’t fall into the “wait and see” trap. Here are several reasons it is urgent that you get your child tutoring help if this past school year was a struggle in more ways than one:

  1. The slower pace of summer makes it a good time to deal with closing skill gaps. The school year is busy for most families, with children juggling far more than just homework and school. An extended break like summer is the best opportunity to set aside dedicated time to identifying academic problems and correcting them. Your child has less going on and can commit to daily learning while still enjoying some relaxation and downtime.
  2. Learning loss will only exacerbate your child’s problems. The loss of skills and knowledge that occurs over summer break is called learning loss, and this year, it is likely to be exacerbated by COVID-19 learning loss that happened when schools were completely closed and during remote learning. If your child has been struggling in the past year or more, this reality will not do them any favors. Your child needs help sooner than later.
  3. Your child needs to start next school year with better habits. Did your child fall behind this school year? Did they far too long on homework when you know that time wasn’t productive? Was there a lot of procrastination and getting distracted at play? Did your child’s disorganization and poor time management negatively affect their school performance? Don’t go into next school year without fixing these issues, which are signs of more than just subject struggles, but also weak executive functioning skills. These issues will not go away on their own.

Call 1-800 CAN LEARN this summer to schedule an academic evaluation and get your child on the path to success.