Preventing Summer Slide with Publicly Funded Programs: Help Students Maintain Academic Success during the Summer Months

By Huntington Learning Center

At this time of year, many families start to shift their focus from a student’s academic progress as warm weather beckons and family vacations begin to fill up calendars. Like many stakeholders in education, our focus is on preventing the summer slide. Compounded with the nearly catastrophic learning disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, students are in danger of falling even further behind while school is out of session.  Huntington Learning Center’s Publicly Funded Programs can help schools work with parents and families, preparing the students for their next grade level and helping to bridge any gaps a student may have.  As we transition into the long, hot days of summer, here are a few ways to make sure students avoid summer learning loss.  

Academic Routines 

One of the skills students often lose during the summer is the general academic routine. Establishing a routine with focused academic time prevents students from needing a reset during the early fall months. Tutoring programs that allow for daily or multiple sessions per week allow students to work on reading and math skills regularly.  

Independent Reading 

Reading is key! Even in the summer, students should be reading daily. This can be as easy as organizing a reading program over the summer through your school. Before the end of the year, coordinate a trip to the library so that children feel a sense of ownership and choice when picking out summer books. While school is out, Huntington Learning Center also offers Reading Adventure, a program to make reading over the summer fun and engaging for students. You can check out some of our past Reading Adventure Programs on our website!  

Summer Tutoring 

If you are seeing the effects of learning loss in many of your students, consider a summer tutoring program with us! Huntington Learning Center can help get students back on track for a specific subject or prepare them to move forward in the next school year. Across the country, Huntington Learning Center has helped thousands of students through their local districts. By partnering with Huntington, schools and districts can develop meaningful programs that increase student reading and math scores, even in the summer months. These high-impact tutoring programs will help students grow, getting them ready for their next school year.  

By working together, communities, districts, and families can ensure that students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for the future. By investing in tutoring and focusing on large-scale programming that is data-driven and student-focused, schools can mitigate the summer slide by accelerating learning and keeping students on the path to success!