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By Huntington Learning Center

How NYS Common Core Standards Affect Students

If you're a parent of a New York school student you've likely heard of the Common Core State Standards. Implementation of these national standards is underway from coast to coast and schools, teachers, and students quickly have to adapt to the more rigorous academic expectations. The NYS Common Core Standards are already present in your child's school and now is a great time for you to learn more about the standards and how they will affect your child's school career.

What are the NYS Common Core Standards? The New York Common Core Standards are part of a
national effort to refocus K-12 education and provide a clear and consistent understanding of what students are expected to learn and master. The standards were designed to be both robust and relevant to practical, real-life applications. They reflect the skills and knowledge that are necessary for success in college and future careers and systematically build on previous learning. The consistency of the standards across the country and throughout New York State helps ensure that every student, regardless of school, is mastering the same material and being held to the same rigorous standards.

How do the NYS Common Core Standards change a child's schooling? The NYS Common Core Standards are more rigorous than previous versions of state standards and require deeper understanding. Teachers are busy implementing assessment tools and innovative curriculums aligned with the standards and are working to ensure a consistent learning environment. The education that is now taking place in New York schools expects more from students and challenges them to work harder to master grade level and subject area standards. 

How can tutoring impact a child's mastery of the NYS Common Core Standards? There's no denying that the NYS Common Core Standards have had an impact on the academic expectations of New York students. The increase in rigor can present a challenge to students and your child may be experiencing frustration with the new academic expectations. This is where Huntington Learning Centers can help. Investing in academic tutoring with one of our professional tutors can help your child master the skills and knowledge required  by the Common Core State Standards.

Our tutoring programs are:

  • Personalized Because no two students are alike all of our tutoring programs are tailored to meet students' individual needs. Careful assessment allows our tutors to plan comprehensive tutoring programs that maximize your child's strengths while focusing on areas of weakness. As your child learns and grows the expectations will shift and new material will be presented. Each session will be tailored to meet your child's needs and ongoing academic progress.
  • Data driven Beginning with an initial assessment, your child's tutoring program is created based on clear and concise data. Ongoing progress monitoring allows your Huntington Learning Center tutor to know exactly what your child needs and the skills that will require additional practice. As your child demonstrates mastery the tutoring will shift toward mastering new goals. 
  • Linked to school In order for a tutoring program to be successful it must be linked to school expectations. Our tutors are adept at aligning the content of a tutoring program with school, state, and national standards. The shift to the Common Core Standards has provided even greater consistency between our tutors and your child's school. The clear and concise standards allow everyone involved in your child's learning to be working toward the same goals. 

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