Prepare For The SAT With These Surefire Tips

By Huntington Learning Center

Students who have already taken their SAT exams will tell you there are specific SAT tips you should follow on the day of your test. There’s no denying it is an important day and you’ll likely feel a certain level of anxiety of stress as you prepare. But there are things you can do to reduce the anxiety and relieve the stress that will have you calm and focused during your SAT exam.

Consider these SAT tips for a successful exam day:

  1. Know where you’re going Your test center may be in an area of town you are unfamiliar with or in a nearby town you’ve never visited. Take the time ahead of test day to determine its exact location, research the best route, and take a trial run. You want to give yourself plenty of time to arrive and knowing the true duration of the trip will help. You can also look online for a layout of the test center to know which door to use and where to go once you are in the building. 
  2. Rest and relax It is important to relax before the exam and to get as much sleep as possible. Spend the week prior to the test going to bed early and finding ways to relax. As your test day gets closer you may want to curb your test preparation in an effort to unwind. The SAT preparation programs at Huntington Learning Centers will provide you the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful on the SAT test. Each program is personalized to match your needs and skills and is carefully designed based on assessment data.
  3. Gather your materials Read through your test directions to know exactly what you can and cannot bring with you to the testing session. Log-in to your My SAT account and print off your admission ticket and make sure you have a valid photo ID. Sharpen plenty of No. 2 pencils and ensure your calculator has batteries and works properly. The SAT exam restricts the type of calculator you can use to a basic four function model. Don’t risk not being able to use your calculator; stick to the type that is recommended.
  4. Nourish your body (and brain) Plan time to eat a good breakfast ahead of the exam. Choose foods such as eggs, toast, juice, and yogurt that will keep you energized, alert, and won’t result in a sugar crash. Avoid a sugar filled breakfast that may give you an instant energy burst but will fade by test time. 
  5. Give yourself plenty of time Since you know your route to the test center you should allow plenty of time to arrive and get checked in. This helps eliminate the unforeseen and gives you time to relax. Make sure you bring something to pass the time while you wait for the exam to start such as a book or a magazine. 
  6. Pack a snack The SAT exam morning is long and you are allowed to eat and drink during the designated test breaks. Packing a snack will help you sustain the energy necessary to focus on the test. Energy bars, juice, cut fruit, or yogurt are perfect for a test snack. 
  7. Leave your cell phone behind The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in SAT testing centers. You are better off leaving your cell phone at home or in the car to prevent you from being asked to leave and having your scores invalidated. This policy isn’t limited to just cell phones. Prohibited devices also include PDAs, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, laptops, tablets, and cameras. 
  8. Focus on the moment The SAT is a monumental exam but it is also one that you have carefully prepared for. Focus on the task at hand and the knowledge you have gained as you prepared. Once you complete a section don’t dwell on your performance or doubt your answers. Move on and focus on the section currently underway. Trust your preparation and have complete confidence in your ability!

The professionals at Huntington Learning Centers are available to help you succeed on the SAT exam. Test taking strategies, specific content knowledge, one on one tutoring, practice exams, and ongoing feedback are all part of the personalized program.

The day of your SAT exam is a big day and you want to be prepared as possible. What else could you do the day of the test to be prepared and focused? What other SAT tips would help other students?


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