Huntington Learning Center Celebrates National Parental Involvement Day

By Huntington Learning Center

This month, the Huntington Learning Center of City will celebrate National Parental Involvement Day on November 16, a day that honors the powerful contributions that parents and caregivers provide in support of students’ success. This annual celebration held on the third Thursday in November each year was founded in 1995 by Project Appleseed, a nonprofit educational advocacy organization.

Eileen Huntington, Co-founder and CEO of Huntington Learning Center says that the center encourages family involvement every day. “Parents and caregivers can have a tremendous impact on their children’s school experience,” she says. “Some of the simplest activities help the most—like showing an interest in what children are learning at school, helping children prioritize their homework each night and encouraging children to give their school work sincere effort. On National Parental Involvement Day and every day, we express our appreciation to parents who care about their children’s education and want to be a part of it.”

Huntington adds that there are many ways parents can foster their children’s academic success. Here are several suggestions for enhanced parental involvement:

  • Ask teachers about academic milestones for this school year and keep tabs on how your child is progressing toward grade-level standards and checkpoints.
  • Monitor homework time to ensure your child is managing his or her time effectively and working on the most important (i.e. due the soonest) tasks first.
  • Check your child’s homework each night for neatness and obvious errors.
  • Set goals together for the semester, school year and longer term.
  • Ask questions each day about what is going well and what is proving challenging in school.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to meet with teachers and staff at back-to-school nights, open houses and conferences.
  • Read all communications from your child’s teacher and respond in a timely manner when he or she requests information.
  • Make reading a daily habit for the entire family.
  • Ask your child’s teacher(s) if you can volunteer in the classroom or in other ways from home.

Huntington reminds parents that parental involvement is easier than it might sound. “While volunteering in the classroom and for the school’s Parent Teacher Organization are great things, there are lots of ways to support your child,” she says. “Parents should make clear to their children that they believe school is important and encourage them to make it their top priority. Those who communicate this to their children and hold high expectations for them as students will see the positive influence.”

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