Huntington Learning Center Celebrates Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month 2018

By Eileen Huntington

This month, the Huntington Learning Center is celebrating Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, an annual event that aims to increase the understanding and appreciation of mathematics and statistics. These two subjects are important drivers of innovation in the technological world, where new methodologies and systems are always becoming more complex.

Eileen Huntington, CEO & Co-Founder of Huntington Learning Center says that Huntington is proud to join colleges and universities, high school departments, institutional public information offices, math clubs, student groups and other related groups in the celebration. “Many students turn to Huntington for help with math, and we are always quick to share with them how important math is not just in school, but life,” says Huntington. “Math and statistics play a huge part in many current issues—from the data surge brought on by the digital age to climate change, from economic progress to internet security. In April, we take time to elevate the importance of math to the families we serve and remind them of its practical application.”

Huntington adds that while many parents feel ill-equipped to help their children with math homework, there are many simple ways to encourage children to put math and statistics to use in daily life. She offers these ideas:

  • Have your child join your fantasy football league each year and show him or her how the weekly statistics are calculated.
  • Invite your child to balance your checkbook each week.
  • Have your child help you maintain your family budget if you use a program like QuickBooks or a simple Excel spreadsheet.
  • Whenever you measure anything in the kitchen, have your child get involved in the addition or doubling or halving of a recipe.
  • Together, collect data over a period of time and create an interesting graph or chart. For example, the number of snow days, your family’s wakeup times or your child’s height.
  • Visit the sports page of the newspaper or news website to get familiar with sports statistics and start tracking that data.
  • When you grocery shop, have your child keep a running tally of the bill and compare prices of different products to understand which product is a better deal.
  • Whenever major news breaks about an event or discovery that involves math or statistics, share it with your child.
  • Set up a savings account for your child and give him or her savings goals and a regular chore of calculating interest and keep track of the account balance.

Now in its 32nd year, Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month began in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation to establish National Mathematics Awareness Week. This annual celebration is a collaborative effort of the American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America and the Society for Industrial Applied Mathematics.

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