Learn Proper Study Habits And Apply Them In Every One Of Your Classes

By Huntington Learning Center

Simple Tips to Improve Your Study Habits and Grades

It's no secret that your study habits can have a serious impact on your academic achievement, classroom performance, and grades. Effective study skills allow you to properly manage your time, retain important classroom learning, and prepare for assessments designed to test your academic achievement. If your studying is getting in the way of your success there's no better time than now to make some changes. Altering your habits now can help prepare you for future academic work and will certainly boost your achievement and grades.

There are several easy changes you can make that will improve both your study habits and your grades:

  • Plan ahead Take the time to write assignments in a planner, add due dates to an electronic calendar, and review course syllabi as the term progresses. Seeing all of your projects, exams, and assignments on one comprehensive calendar allows you to plan ahead and not miss a deadline. If you can see well in advance that a particular week is going to be busy you can spend the prior weeks working ahead to complete everything on time.
  • Stay organized If you are constantly searching for your notes, supplies, or reading materials you are going to waste your precious study time. Make a concerted effort to stay organized. Consider maintaining a separate folder (on your computer or within your materials) for each course. Keep all of your things together and work to eliminate supplies, paperwork, and notes you don't need.
  • Create a dedicated study space Consider where you currently spend your time studying. Is it conducive to your learning and achievement? Are you able to concentrate without distraction? If your study space could use an upgrade consider finding ways to create a dedicated study area. Perhaps a larger table in your room would help with your organization or a desk in your family's living room will provide the quiet escape you need to study.
  • Review prior learning Studying new information is essential to your academic success. But reviewing previous coursework and prior learning can be just as powerful. Find time in your study sessions to include a review of previous material. This will help to maintain a strong foundational understanding and connect with current learning. If you find that some of your basic skills are lacking consider investing in customized tutoring sessions. The professional tutors with Huntington Learning Centers are experts at reinforcing basic skills. Each personalized tutoring plan includes dedicated time for reviewing prior learning and ensuring a student's basic skills remain strong.
  • Disconnect We live in an increasingly digital age and it is hard, but vital, to turn off electronic devices in order to truly concentrate. Silence your phone, turn the tablet off, and don't be tempted to "check in" while you work. Picking up your phone to quickly check Facebook or to read a few Tweets may not seem like it will take a long time, but the distractions quickly add up. Don't waste your valuable study time playing on unnecessary electronic devices.
  • Seek help before it's too late If you are struggling with making changes to your study skills on your own it may be time to ask for help. Don't squander time this term trying to figure it out on your own when there are professionals that can be of incredible help. The expert tutors at Huntington Learning Centers are dedicated to serving as trusted advisers to students in need of a study skills boost. Each tutor is trained to help students maximize their study time, connect to previously learned material, and stay on track for academic success and improved grades.


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