Knowing Which SAT Subject Tests to Register For

By Huntington Learning Center

How to Know Which SAT Subject Tests to Register For

The SAT Subject Tests are designed so students can showcase their specific academic achievements. They also provide students the opportunity to prove their knowledge and abilities in a variety of subject areas related to potential fields of study. They are the only national tests that allow students to choose which exams will help boost their college admission portfolios and paint a fuller picture of their academic abilities. 

Choosing which SAT Subject Tests to take doesn't have to be a daunting task! Aligning your future college major with the appropriate SAT Subject Tests is a great way to determine which tests to take. For example:

  • Engineering Students planning to major in engineering should use the SAT Subject Tests to display academic achievement in math and science. If you know the particular engineering discipline you plan on studying you can make your choices even more specific. For example, if you are planning to major in chemical engineering you will benefit the most from choosing the chemistry subject test and either Math I or Math II.  
  • Psychology If you are planning to major in psychology you should take SAT Subject Tests that show a diversity of knowledge. The biology subject test is an excellent choice for future psychology majors because of the field's focus on neuroscience. Choosing a math and a language exam will help balance your portfolio and display a well-rounded academic background to potential colleges. 
  • Business Students that are planning to pursue a degree in business, administration, or management should use the SAT Subject Tests to display a depth of knowledge. Consider signing up for a math, science, and humanities exam. If your high school studies included a foreign language you should also opt to take an SAT Subject Test that reflects that learning. 

Your intended major shouldn't be the only determining factor when you are preparing to register for SAT Subject Tests. You should also consider your:

  • Strengths 
    Many majors would benefit from a variety of SAT Subject Tests but you can't sit for every single one. Choose the SAT Subject Tests that will reflect your strengths and do the most to boost your college application portfolio.
  • High school coursework 
    The courses you take in high school are an excellent indicator of which SAT Subject Tests you should take. The subject tests are designed to reflect your understanding of specific high school subject areas and the skills necessary for success. 
  • Interests 
    There may be Subject Test that is unrelated to your intended major but that reflects a personal interest. Consider taking a subject test in an area that interests you as a way to show colleges your diversity of studies and to paint a fuller picture of yourself as a student.  
  • Potential colleges 
    Each college has different testing requirements. Take careful note of your potential colleges when preparing to register for SAT Subject Tests. You should also plan ahead to ensure you have plenty of time to complete all the exams you are interested in. 


Huntington Learning Centers are proud of the tutoring we offer to help students prepare for SAT Subject Tests. Our tutoring sessions are designed to meet your specific needs and are personalized based on assessment data. Your tutor will align your assessment data with the SAT Subject Test's expectations to devise a tutoring plan that will better prepare you and boost your confidence level. Ongoing monitoring and assessment will help your tutor determine continued areas of need and growth.

Are you ready to register for SAT Subject Tests? Which tests are you considering taking for your intended major? Let us know using the social media buttons at the top.


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