Improve Your Study Habits To Maximize Your Success

As a high school student you understand the need for effective study habits. You’re likely very busy; involved in after school activities, working a part time job, and focused on your studies. The busy life of a teenager doesn’t always lend itself to the best study habits, but working to improve the duration, habits, and schedule of your studying can help improve your grades and strengthen your academic portfolio.

Many of these effective study habits require little to no additional time and most are focused on improving the time you already spend studying. 

  • Create a weekly schedule Take inventory of your typical weekly commitments and decide when you can schedule regular study sessions. Be creative and find pockets of time that can be set aside for studying. Instead of studying only in the evening, after the rest of your commitments have ended, consider several short morning study sessions each week. If you are a morning person this may help you to get up and hit the books, making efficient use of your day. Build extra study sessions into your schedule so you can easily rearrange your studying when an unforeseen event causes conflict.
  • Don’t procrastinate Once your weekly schedule has been established stay on top of information as it is presented in class and avoid procrastination. Don’t wait several weeks to revisit material. Ongoing attention to new material allows you to build strong connections between concepts, effectively use your resources, and quickly identify when you don’t understand. Waiting to study immediately before exams or assignment due dates will prevent you from deeply understanding the concepts.
  • Stay organized You should begin each term with an organizational system that will allow you to easily access resources, assignments, and reading materials. As the term progresses you should work to maintain this system. Falling into disorganization will affect you academically and will lead to wasted study time. 

If creating an organizational system isn’t one of your strengths the professionals with Huntington Learning Centers can help you devise a way to stay organized and focused on your studying. Part of Huntington’s personalized study skills sessions is to work with you to create an organizational method that fits your personality, habits, and busy life. 

  • Use your teachers as a resource Your teachers are more than just professionals that present information each day in class. They are committed to your academic success. Use them as a resource when you feel your studying isn’t effective. If you are confused, don’t understand a specific concept, or feel like you are falling behind it is incredibly beneficial to talk to your teachers. Don’t wait, either. As soon as you feel the work is slipping away ask for help!
  • Do your research Don’t settle for just the information presented in class. Use a portion of your weekly study schedule to perform further research into important concepts. Finding ways to connect your learning to other subject areas, current events or news developments, and a deeper understanding of the concepts will build a strong foundation for your ongoing study sessions.
  • Find what works for you Your study skills are personal and what works well for others may not contribute to your best learning. As you work to improve your skills pay attention to what is most effective and what isn’t producing results. Be willing to change your study location, materials, and methods to find what works for you!

Huntington Learning Centers can help boost your study skills by providing personalized support focused on building individual habits. An initial evaluation of your current study methods is analyzed for areas of strength and weakness. Your individual program will teach you the necessary skills that build upon one another for continued academic success.

How have you improved your study habits? Do you have any successful tips that may help other students improve their habits?


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